Post-panel notes on Monetization panel

It was an honor to be invited to speak on the Monetization panel.  It was inspiring for me to see so many women willing to step beyond their comfort zones and tackle the mysteries of the advertising world that really isn't so mysterious afterall. ...more

I really hope the notes help clarify a lot of questions.

- Lynn

lynn at ...more

What I learned from (hot chick on Wired magazine cover) Julia Allison

What kind of ambition drives a woman to appear in a glamour shot on the cover of a nerd magazine under the caption, “Become Internet famous (even if you’re nobody)…Julia Allison and the secrets of self-promotion.” Did you all see the recent Wired cover with Julia Allison? Women on Wired are rare enough, and I read the piece with curiosity after ripping it away from my husband. ...more

That and a hot body to go with the lessons Ihave learned in these 40 some years. Watch ...more

Party at Macy's


BlogHer 08

The answer to the question I posed in my last Toddler Planet post is just as I had (not-so) secretly hoped. There is no one BlogHer. BlogHers -- and women who blog -- come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. BlogHers have different accents, different backgrounds, and different perspectives. BlogHers have different interests. Some of us are mommybloggers. Some of us are techbloggers. Some blog about personal finance, and some blog about infertility. Some blog their life ...more

Oh, boy, that was the most amazing time. I haven't stopped thinking about all the women I met ...more

It Has Drama,Good Gals and Villainesses- So Where Are All The Personal Finance BlogHers?

This may come as a surprise from someone who is a Contributing Editor for Business, Personal Finance and Career, but I don't like to talk about money. Truth be told, I avoid the topic at all costs. I hate money. Yes, I like to use money. But I hate what it does to people. It divides. It judges.It makes people who have great personal success feel like failures. ...more

The category itself is too broad to navigate. The impact of this is less participation ...more

Overwhelmed Newbie

This is my first time coming to BlogHer.  Heck I only heard about it last year in passing while reading Moosh In Indy.  I have been blogging for 4 years but only to my family.  Lately I have been opening up myself to the world, through Twitter, FriendFeed and now to the wonderous world of BlogHer.  I heard about the c ...more

I was actually looking for you all weekend to check out your toesies :)

I saw you at Ruby ...more

Food Panel at BlogHer 2008

The food panel today was a blast. It was fun to sit and talk to fellow food bloggers. I updated my blog to talk about the photo tips we got on how to take great pictures of food. ...more

Trying to Live Fit at BlogHer '08

I'm surrounded by fabulous bloggers from all over North America here at BlogHer '08 in San Francisco. I'm also surrounded by potential landmines in the shape of delicious pastries, cookies, candies, and booze. Oh, and did I mention it's all FREE? ...more

Not at BlogHer? Don't worry! Here's how to stalk it.

Are you not in San Francisco or SecondLife, and dying to know what is going on?  I'm not at BlogHer08, but I'm staying pretty tuned in.  And what's more, tons of people are putting their "Not At BlogHer" angst to good use, and putting together virtual parties so that we can make our own fun. Want to stalk, or hang out with those who aren't there either? Read on!  ...more

Zchamu ~


Thanks for ...more

BlogHer '08 Brochure - Download Now!

If you're headed to the BlogHer Conference tomorrow and didn't happen to catch it in your inbox OR if you're not attending but want to know what's goin' on, you are invited to download the BlogHer '08 Conference Brochure. Click on the link or right-click to save the file: ...more