The BlogHer '08 OpenSpace: What's it all about, Kaliya?

For a very lucky 300 BlogHer '08 attendees, the conference doesn't end with a wild Saturday night at Macy's. Nope, 300 stalwart attendees will get up and go to the BlogHer '08 OpenSpace all day Sunday, led by last year's facilitator, Kaliya Hamlin. ...more

I can't wait, having previously experienced the power of OpenSpace Technology and Kaliya's ...more

The Final BlogHer '08 Blogging Birds of a Feather and Room of Your Own schedule

Remember when we opened up two tracks of open slots for the community to schedule in topic-based Birds of a Feather meet-ups and community-driven Room of Your Own sessions? OK, this might refresh your memory! Those slots filled up pretty quickly, but since I'm not sure you all go check the agenda obsessively (you don't? really?) I thought I'd announce the final line-up. ...more

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, you do need a conference pass to attend any of the ...more

Submit Questions for BlogHer '08s Home And Garden BOF

During the First Break Out Session on Saturday, July 19th, I have the honor of hosting the Home and Garden Birds of a Feather Meet-Up. I want to make this session special for both the attendees and anyone who blogs these topics.  So, I am bringing my video camera so I can tape the session and share it with you all. I hope to structure the session like a interview getting the best tips and ideas from the attendees in this very special place. ...more

Sadly, I'm not going to BlogHer. If I could, I'd ask," What does the Home Decorating/DIY ...more

BlogHer in San Francisco

I find myself registering for BlogHer '08 in San Francisco this morning, even though I can't actually find any content about who's going to be there or what the presentations are going to be... My experience of BlogHer '06 in San Jose alone was enough to get me to fork over the money and sign on the dotted line. ...more

Last Chance to Vote on BlogHer '08 Location!

Now that we've all heard, seen, read, written, Flickr'd, and Twittered our way through BlogHer '07 (whew!), you bet it's time to start looking ahead to BlogHer '08. First order of business? Announcing its location. So without further ado, let me say that yes -- you have heard the rumors and they are true: BlogHer '08 is going to be taking place... ...more

Great spacios venues and lots of hotels, indeed.

This is the mecca of where Tech companies ...more