BlogHer09 Virgin: Better Than Swag, Business Cards

Some people at the BlogHer09 conference went mad for the swag. BlogHer Conference virgin that I was, I missed prime swag opportunities, I've been told. But seriously, I have pack rat issues already. Me and swag would have been a dangerous thing. Business cards, however--that's a different story. At the other end of a BlogHer business card is rarely a major corporation trying to sell you a tangible product. It's a woman saying "This is who I am" or at least how I want you to see me at this moment in my life. ...more

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. :-) Next year, New York! 


AskPatty Attends (and Survives) BlogHer09

AskPatty attended the BlogHer09 conference last week and we're so excited to share our experience. Even though we have worked together for more than two years, this was my first chance to spend some real quality time with my editor Brandy Schaffels. ...more

What a blast! more

A Greener BlogHer '09: Did you notice the eco-changes?

Did you notice that Blogher '09 was greener than ever this year? The Green Team put in a lot of work to ecofy the conference, despite the constraints of the event being in a huge hotel (the Sheraton's actually a part of the Chicago Green Hotels Initiative (PDF), though if the hotel's seriously interested in going green, the Green Team could make a lot of helpful suggestions!). ...more


Going To Blogher As A Guy

In getting ready to attend Blogher for the first time, and knowing that it is a woman’s conference, I found myself getting really nervous.  Wondering how I would be judged.  Wondering if I would be tagged as that pervert that showed up to look at all the girl’s boobs, or that guy that was so clueless he showed up to the wrong conference. ...more

BlogHer '09: An Interview with Style Guru Carson Kressley, Plus A Word About The Great Nikon Baby Incident!

Can I just tell you that although I had a fabulous time at BlogHer '09 in Chicago, I am wiped out? All those bloggers, all those sessions, all those parties!   However, get 1500 women bloggers together in one place with their laptops and their attitudes and you're bound to not only have lots of fun but maybe a bit of controversy. But first things, first.  One of the celebs that made an appearance at BlogHer '09 in Chicago was style maven and TV host, Carson Kressley.   Carson attended the conference to give out style tips, chat with BlogHers and also to represent BlogHer sponsor, Nikon and their "How To Look Good In Pictures" campaign.   To publicize the campaign, Nikon threw a swanky cocktail party the first night of the conference at Chicago's Flatwater club. ...more

Hopefully you'll be able to make it next year, children or not!  Thanks for commenting. ...more

Good-bye BlogHer 09, I miss you already

I've attended four of the five BlogHer conferences. I stayed home for the first one and was just about as jealous and miserable as a woman blogger can be. I've spoken at two BlogHer conferences. I've officially live-blogged four BlogHer conferences. I've been drunk at BlogHer Con (which is frightening since I don't drink.) I've cried at BlogHer Con. I've gotten angry at BlogHer Con. I've been the life of the party. I've been the blogger hiding in a corner because she just can't handle the people. My heart has hurt over the sessions I wasn't able to attend. ...more

That was the title of my first conference post. And it about sums it all up for me. ...more

Live-blogging: Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett talks to BlogHers about health care

picapp_gallery("860938","5025584,5025052,4922965,4621333,3854342,3835681,2520424","","2","2","2") Valerie B Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison, is at BlogHer 09 to talk with a group of women BlogHers about health care. BlogHers in attendance are (links to their blogs will appear later): ...more

Who's In? Join Me for Karaoke at BlogHer '09!

I have a confession: I used to think Karaoke was lame. I could not relate on any level to people who enjoyed it. Then, one night while out with friends, I decided to see what the fuss was all about. I chose a song from my favorite Boy Band, grabbed the mic and let it rip. It was magical. From that moment on, I was hooked. I got it. I understood why people PURPOSELY PLANNED TRIPS to karaoke bars. All the proof you need that I love karaoke with all of my heart is right here in this video from a night of karaoke in NYC last year: ...more

I want to see videos from the women who braved the karaoke stage!  I'll show you mine if you ...more

BlogHer 09 via Photos and Tweets

Yesterday, Erin blogged about how to use BlogHer's Magnify video stream and tags to share and follow the events at BlogHer 09. Today it's my turn to talk about how we'll be using Flickr and Twitter to share the BlogHer 09 excitement We're going to have a great time at BlogHer09, learn a lot, and meet awesome people but let's think about those following from home. They need us to Tweet smartly, using #blogher09 when we tweet about the event. ...more

 Found the blogher stream and will be watching whatever hashtags and hamburger hats are. ...more

Check your Tire Pressure Once a Month - BlogHer09 Swag

At BlogHer09 AskPatty will be giving away mini tire pressure gauge key rings to remind us all to "Check your Tire Pressure One a Month." Keeping your tires inflated properly helps retain the fuel economy, save money on rising gas prices and is a big safety issue during summer travel. ...more