Getting to Know Shash: A BlogHer Primer

I think these posts are  a wonderful idea. Anything that helps me pick out some faces in the ...more

Business Cards or Poken for the BlogHer Conference This Year?

The one thing everyone agrees on about preparing for the BlogHer Conference is this: You must have business cards. Those business cards end up being your billboard for the weekend. They tout your brand, blog URLs, e-mail addresses, Twitter sign, and anything else you can squeeze onto the 3x5 inch surface (unless you have those tiny Moo cards--then you have even less real estate to work with). Enter Poken, the new tech gadget that allows you to store your information on a cute little thumb drive and share information with others via the High Four. It virtually eliminates the need for traditional cards. Or does it? ...more

I don't have one, and I have never heard of one until now, but I like the idea.  And I agree ...more

BlogHer Paparazzi

I'm not attending BlogHer 09 in Chicago. God how I wish I was. I'd love nothing better than a weekend away from the responsibilities of this family life I've chosen. Time with intelligent, talented, witty females whom I might be able to relate too. The freedom to have a few drinks and hang out without the 6am wake up call of a fussy baby. Yes I want to go, but I won't be going. Money, family obligations, mostly money will keep me from it. Anyone want to stow me away in their suitcase? ...more

I feel the same way.  Some day! Our time will come.