BlogHer '10 Sessions: Now in Audio!

The audio files have rolled in, and we've organized them by track...listen and enjoy the sessions you may have missed.  Thanks to Monty for editing the files :) CHANGE AGENTS Feeding the Conversation: How to Build A Community Around Your Cause ...more

I just heard the entire session on Family Foodies and it had some fabulous tips. I'm posting it ...more

The Jimmies' Ashley Albert: A BlogHer-Style Renaissance Woman

Ashley Albert's band The Jimmies is a treat without being sticky-sweet, and skips through musical styles with skill -- my kids and I agree that The Jimmies are plain good listening. Plus, bonus -- Ashley is a real person, Twitter told me so. After she and I bopped tweets back and forth, and since my kids constantly demand Jimmies songs origin stories and information about when new songs are coming please, I asked Ashley if she'd be game for an interview during the BlogHer10 conference. She said yes! ...more

We love The Jimmies! Excited to hear about a new album!

Contributing Editor Jenna ...more

What I brought home: The Books of BlogHer'10

I've been to New York City twice this summer - which is a big deal because I live in Los Angeles - and I've yet to get to the Strand Bookstore! It was on the list of things I wanted to do when I was in the City for BlogHer'10, but between a pretty full conference agenda and my inability to follow the walking directions I got from Google Maps, it didn't happen....more

Aw, that sucks that you didn't get to The Strand. :(

Thanks for mentioning Girl Power. It's ...more

I Am the Acorn: What I Learned at BlogHer '10

"Hi, I'm Megan. I blog at An Acorn Dreaming. What's it about? Well... um... I write about, you know, my life and my kids and, um, stuff like that. It's a personal blog. Kind of a slice of life thing, you know. The acorn? Oh, that's a symbol of potential, you know, like the possibility to become something big like an oak tree. So, uh, I'm the acorn, you know, growing and stuff..." Yes, I actually said that. I actually said that countless times at BlogHer, and it sounded stupider each time. ...more

Congratulations on finding your purpose!

I enjoy the readership numbers and comments; they ...more

We Are The World: Tutus for Tanner and an Extraordinary Community

When all was finally said and done, it wasn't appearing on CNN in a tutu, nor appearing on CBC in a tutu, or posing in Central Park in a tutu, or watching as a limo slowed down on Fifth Avenue and the passenger leaned out the window and hollered -- at me -- hey, I saw you on TV in that tutu! -- that stood out as the most memorable moment of my week last week. Which, when you think about it, is memorable in itself: I had a week in which I appeared on CNN in a tutu and that particular experience will not be recounted here because, during that particular week, stranger things happened. Stranger things, like the prayer circle. ...more

Yes, this.more

(VIDEO) BlogHer10: Four Days in Four Minutes Stop-Action Movie

"Dude, this looks like a movie," she said. You totally need to make this into a movie." As she said this, I remembered watching a fantastic stop-motion video made by supremely talented photographer Casey Templeton, where he admitted taking dozens of bad shots in order to get a good one. I so get that. In fact, when I shoot, I tend to do it very quickly -- I'm constantly talking to my subject, we're joking and laughing, and all the while my finger is firing the shutter so rapidly, it sounds like I've got the camera on a sports setting. Usually, when I take portraits, people are surprised that I'm finished as quickly as I am; but really, I've taken tons of shots during that moment. ...more

This was so cool. I wasn't there (sadly), but really enjoyed this. Thanks for ...more

Who is Your Audience?

This is a question I have asking myself for a little while now.  ...more

The Top 13 Things I Learned in NY While Attending the BlogHer Conference

The Trip I escaped my motherly, wifely and domestic duties (yet not attorney duties; the laptop came along) this past week and went to New York. I went for the BlogHer Conference, but stayed longer and made a mother/daughter weekend out of it too....more

BlogHer '10: I'm Home, Now What?

You came, you schmoozed, you listened, you learned, you shared, you partied, and now you're home and you're pooped. Like any conference, BlogHer '10 challenges you to DO something with your experience once you get home. Whether you attended for the social aspect, to network for business, to learn and be inspired, or all of the above, you are likely faced with the question "I'm home from BlogHer '10, Now What?!" ...more

Hey again!

Thanks so much for your kind reply, Paula!

I just found out that Owning Pink ...more

BlogHer'10: You and bloggers and the FTC

The first session I attended at BlogHer'10 was on that topic so dear to the heart of any review blogger: "The FTC Guidelines: After a Year, Has Anything Changed?" (And yes, although you may not review anything other than books, that still makes you a "review blogger," technically speaking.) The panelists were marketing blogger, <...more