BlogHer Conference From an Aussie's Point of View

I kept writing, through the worst period of my life. And I was loved through it all. You bloody Yanks sure do know how to support a gal. One late night in October 2008, I impulsively bought a ticket to attend the following year’s BlogHer. I was gonna be a part of it, somehow. ...more
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Day One On Blogger

As I try to discover how to posts photos, add links and basicaly enter into the BLOGHER world, my attempts are clumsy. I tried to post a photo and comment on another blog.  No such luck. Besides I was attempting to add my morning view, and today that view was my sick dog. I guess they wanted watercolored leaves on a pastel ground. That isn't going to happen here in Texas. So off I go and give my puppy her medicine....Tomorrow is another day Scarlett. Love you. Me  ...more

Who You Calling An Elder Blogger?

I was at the BlogHer conference in New York when one of the panelists commented that “even” her own mother blogs. She called her mother “one of those elder bloggers.” Meaning, she said, “anyone over 50 who blogs.” I pried my gnarled fingers off my Underwood, slammed down my Ensure and quaked, “Say, what, girlie?” That’s a joke. I would never say anything so ageist, but I did gulp and turned to my daughter to ask, “Might she be talking about moi?” ...more

My years of computer savvy ,totals 30, and of those years: blogging, or stating comments for ...more

Brands Leveraging Reach of Social Media Latinas

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Latinas at BlogHer 2010

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BlogHer '10 Swag Suite ~ Ecco