Treasuring The Handwritten Card

BlogHer 11 was my very first BlogHer conference. I loved so many aspects of attending, but one stands out in my mind, 6 months later, as having made a lasting impact....more

Swag box from P&G

late this week, fed-x delivered a box on my doorstep at 8 am.  it was swag from p&g, as promised.  blogher11 keeps giving and giving!  this is all the stuff that was in the box.  i'm real good at setting up shots eh?  notice the unstoppable bottle turned the wrong way.  bwahaha!...more
Awesome! All of that reminds me I need some FreBreeze...more

A Rock Star. Finally! Thanks to Mom's Fashion File at BlogHer'11

A pink carpet. A hundred onlookers. Cameras. And me, about to strut my stuff. I couldn't wait. It took me a long time to celebrate this, to own my beauty, to silence the inner critic, to become comfortable in my own skin. This was my time to shine. I spent most of my teens and 20s feeling insecure and unattractive and like I didn't fit in. I focused on my career, and in my 30s, met and married my husband. I had three kids (two at home), ran two marathons, and now, at age 42, I like who I am....more
I wish I could see a closeup of the eyelashes!more

Blogher11: A view from the other side of the border

A week has gone by and I still feel the excitement and energy that characterized the Blogher11Conference at San Diego. I had been counting the days since I bought my ticket as an "Early bird" on December and wanted the event to take place.I had the chance to participate in the Blogher Bet on March at Silicon Valley, so this was my second BlogHer experience. I couldn´t be happier....more

Backstage at BlogHer: 4 minutes of fame in my underwear

Someone famously said there’s nothing to writing: just sit down at a typewriter and open a vein....more

Cyber Bullying Isn't Just For Teens: What I Took From BlogHer11 At Home

Cyber bullying… It is everywhere.Facebook, blogs, twitter… anyplace you can imagine… it is there. But why?  People wouldn’t feel that this type of harassment is ok in day-to-day life, of course because most know it is illegal and they would most certainly face criminal charges....more

What I learned at BlogHer 2011, San Diego

Last year I came away from BlogHer 2010 with information overload. This year I was not going to make the same mistake. I decided I’d only “half listen.” Just like my kids....more

Blogher '11, My Perspective from the big potty of life

  I wasn't really sure I could actually climb up on this huge toilet, but the gals running the booth held the chair and I realized I can do more than I think sometimes.  As a six month post op spinal fusion lady, I have certain limitations.  Getting on the big toilet is not one of them!...more

Flash Mob Dancers at Blogher 11. amazing

ntaller1's video of the flash mob that broke out to Lady Gaga's "I'm on the edge of Glory" at the San Deigo Blogher 11.  it was amazing to see in person!...more
@KarenLynnn of course!!!! #operationglorymore