Just Won a Lottery and it's Swag!

 The FedEx truck just stopped in front of my house.  At first I thought it was the delivery of a book I've been waiting for but then I saw the driver carrying a rather large box.  Maybe my husband ordered something, I thought.  I went to the door and saw that it was addressed to me.  Oh, I do like a surprise! ...more
Woohoo! Enjoy!more

4 Websites, 4 Great Ideas, All 4 You from BlogHer '11

One last BlogHer-related post...This time, I'm sharing websites and online services that I was introduced to during the conference, and, in my Goddess-like estimation, each one is way cool in its own right. ...more

BlogHer '11: Came for the blog, stayed for the bloggers

We've finally had a chance to catch our collective breath after returning from BlogHer '11 San Diego a week and a half ago....more

Why We Need This Cyber Village: BlogHer '11

I have long been inspired by my favorite line in E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End, “Only connect…” And this last weekend at BlogHer, I saw those two words take on a life of their own. My friend Eden was a Voice of the Year keynote speaker. Standing in the dimly lit ballroom as she read, photographs from her blog post projected upon huge screens, I realized that if not for BlogHer, this very moment would never have happened. Not like this. ...more
Angie, that photo gave me goosebumps - do we need more evidence of why the world is a bit richer ...more

trippity traipsing

trippity traipsing Helena recently posted this, and I think it's hilarious so I just have to re-post it. It's so nice sometimes to have a laugh at someone like Gwyneth Paltrow's expense. What comes out of her mouth has the power to amaze me... but not as much as what she writes....more

BlogHer '11 Photo Roundup (Or: "You Thought YOU Took Bad Pictures?!")

So, look, I'm going to put up some BlogHer photos here that include me in them, but only as a public service. I realize a lot of you may not be on Twitter or Google+ and so didn't see these when I tweeted them, and though my normal reaction to that would be a fervent, "Thank God!" because I look hideous in them, I also know that there are others like me out there. By which I mean: The Photogenically Challenged. That's right: my name is Viv, and I take bad pictures. ...more

I consider this "our song" Blogher11!

performed live by Lady Gaga on the Howard show.  this is amazing!  :) ok i am not sure where it went!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Re20Ec26M&feature=related there's the link.  I'm a beginner you know! enjoy :)...more

Blogher '11, My Perspective. ( Post 1 of 786,777 ) hahaha Feature: Swag!

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day uploading images for blog posts.  I was so excited to share my experiences at BlogHer11 that I totally forgot to straighten, crop, you know, the things a photographer is supposed to do before uploading only the best of the event.  When I realized what I'd done, I quickly went to http://www.flickr.com/photos/wishingforpar/ (my flickr) ... (add figuring out how to add a link to my list of things to learn here at BlogHer) and started deleting crooked and blurry pictures.  ...more
@Virginia DeBolt thanks so much, that did the trick! hugs!!more

Why BlogHer '11 was a Defining Moment

Going to a conference that was primarily women and with over 3,000 in attendance proved to be overwhelming and daunting for me. And life changing.  And all because of my last minute decision to attend the "Owning Your Beauty..." panel session....more
@KarenLynnn Hi Karen, it's great to meet you! Right now I have no idea if I'll be at the 2012 ...more

iPhone Hotel Workouts for BlogHer '11

I've been trying to get in shape lately.  I've never been someone who has been able to stick to one kind of workout.  I've tried circuit training, running, kettlebells, the bar method, swimming, step classes...you name it, I've at some point, signed on for it.  With three children and a desire to do something, anything else but workout in my free time, I've come to the conclusion that I will look for any excuse not to workout....more