Chicken Little in the Big Apple

Six days in New York City chewed me up and spit me out.  I was a newbie at the famed BlogHer '12 conference where a person can feel like they are missing out even in the middle of it all.  Early on at the conference, I found myself feeling wholly insignificant.  My blog, my labor of love, my life, was being valued on the number of followers, facebook likes, and tweets.  There was one day I was so bloated  (for reasons I won’t disclose) that I had to unbutton my pants.  The irony was not lost on me ...more

BlogHer12 rocked!

Hi BlogHer Family, It's been a minute since I lasted posted on BlogHer. After attending BlogHer12 in New York City, I made a commitment to post to this blog a bit more often. So here's my first post for August. BlogHer12 was AMAZING. Check out my four recap blog posts below to learn why....more

How BlogHer '12 Prepared Me for Ants

The BlogHer '12 conference, held this weekend in New York, was by far the best thing I could have done for myself. Connecting with the women behind the supportive comments, Sparkles and shares solidified BlogHer as a tangible community, not just another slice - albeit a very large slice - of the internet....more
 @Laine Griffin Hi, Laine! I'm still giddy about the weekend myself. There really were a lot of ...more

Presidential Campaign Mistakes Made at BlogHer '12 Conference

 I just returned from the BlogHer ’12 national conference for women bloggers. I took so much excellent information, energy and camaraderie away from that event, that I’ll be forever grateful that I got over my nerves and attended....more

Photo VideoBuzz: Best BlogHer12 Trip Ever ~ Follow the Buzz Behind the Buzz ~ Watch

Hair She Goes! to BlogHer12. We’re back Living Atlanta Style but what a way to kick off our 11th season — LIVE  from New York with BlogHer12, a bloggers conference for women....more

A Fish Out of Water at BlogHer '12?

I've had a moment like that at pretty much every conference I've attended. You really aren't ...more

My Blogher UserName

Trying to get my blogher username.  I was certain I knew it but site does not recognize me.  Could someone from #blogher12 contact me @  I want to register for events now.Thanks,PeggyLee@PeggyLeeChief Spa Gypsy ...more
@chrisbradshaw where ate you. I'm here @ #blogher2more

New York State of Mind - Happy Hours & Adult Beverages!

New York State of Mind part 3 - Adult Beverages & Happy Hour In 7 days, my Outlook calendar will fully take over my life in NYC at BlogHer. I feel we deserve a few cocktails along the way ...more

Another Treat for BlogHer '12: A Hotel Room of One's Own

There are a myriad of excellent reasons to attend BlogHer ‘12 and to the pile I would like to add just one more...a hotel room of my own. I feel like I should preface this with telling you how much I love my husband and kids, but I am going to skip straight over that and tell you how much I love staying in a hotel without them. This little lick of luxury does not happen very often but when it does, like on my upcoming trip to NYC, I savor every minute. What's so great?...more
 @Julia Magnusson Even just one other person, respectful and kind, can be a  vacation.  It's ...more

On Tech Tips and Tools For Navigating #BlogHer12

Last year at BlogHer, I attended almost every session, party and keynote. I made it early for yoga, was up late on the dance floor. In between, I got to know the Expo Hall from front to back. But I wasn't an attendee. As the official photographer last year, I got to see it all from behind a camera lens, and like seeing the wizard behind the curtain, I was given the opportunity to see how it all comes together. This year, returning as an attendee and a speaker, I feel like I come with the benefit of all that those five days taught me. ...more
Wonderful tips - I have a portable powerstrip like the one you link to and take it on all my ...more