Two Tens From BlogHer12

Make that one ten and an eight please.  Here are my yay's and nay's from BlogHer12.  Things I loved about BlogHer12...more
 @KarenLynnn Why THANK YOU, KarenLynn. you made my evening. I am printing out this Comment and ...more

BlogHer 2012: My Perspective

Mamacita says:  I've only just returned from New York City, where the best BlogHer conference yet was held.  While I may be home now, my head and heart are still mingling with the 5,000 women (and men) in the Hilton hallways and session rooms.  Oh, and behind the registration desk, which is the best job EVER because everybody has to register, so the volunteers there get to see everybody....more
 @Jett Thank YOU for saying that.  You're so kind!more

What’s Your BlogHer ’12 Follow Up Strategy?

After all the parties are over, you’ve traveled home, and recovered from re-entry into regular life, what’s next? What is your plan to follow-up on the connections you made and put what you learned into action? It’s all in the follow-up.  Whenever you attend a live event it is only a start to the work that will follow. You’ve made some new connections, deepened existing relationships, and learned a ton.  So what are you going to do with it? Here is a –4-part system for taking action without overwhelming the heck out of yourself. ...more
 @Laine Griffin Great plan!  Taking time to work "on" the business is so critical, and so few do ...more


 Have you heard the old, tired record that’s been spinning around on this blog lately? The one with the “angst-y” lyrics? The one that’s scratched, with deep grooves notched in by a fuzzy needle that no one ever picks up? That old “BlogHer 12″ record? Well I’m breaking it in half....more
You are awesome.  I am totally new to this blogging thing, but the inspiration is everywhere.  I ...more

I've Got the BlogHer12 Jitters

I'll admit it.  I have few real life friends.  Actually, I have two best friends.  My hubby and my daughter are my best friends, and they are 2 of the only people that I can completely unfold with.  And, if I don't talk around them, it isn't awkward.  It's ok, we can be chatty or we can just relax in each others company....more
Anyone who sits on the Charmin potty is ok by me.  Can't wait to see you!more

Hot Topic: What To Wear To BlogHer? I'll Tell You!

It's that time of year: We are one week away from the annual BlogHer conference, and Twitter is atwitter with the all-important question: What are you wearing to BlogHer?...more
Just sent another round 3:30 ET on Friday!more

My Thoughts and Purpose, Musings Before BlogHer 12

It's less than a week away.  At this time next Wednesday, we will be at the airport waiting for our flight to La Guardia!  We arrive at 12:34 and I've yet to decide whether to hire a car service to get us to the Hilton, or just take a cab.  After my last taxi experience in Barcelona, I'm not anxious to get inside another cab.  But this is the US and not crazy Spain, so we should be good in a cab, right?...more
 @KarenLynnn Great, because it is a nice city and so close to San Francisco! :-)  more

Stick Melanie and Melissa, My Chaperones for BlogHer12

Since they can't actually attend BlogHer12, I am taking their Stick Persona's along with me.  As  you can see, Melanie is still bottomless! ...more
@KarenLynnn I will have to ask my kids how to do that but YEA!!more

5 things I learned at BlogHer11 & 5 BlogHer12 social media tips to know

NOTE: Be sure to follow the official BlogHer Twitter lists posted below of thousands of attendees and sponsors....more

5 Picks for BlogHer '12

My blog is only 4 months old, so BlogHer 12 will be my very first bloggers conference!I am so excited to go and meet other bloggers and gain more knowledge about the blogging world.  Also, it is my first weekend away from my daughter EVER, so, please be kind to the crying girl in the corner (ha, that will so totally not be me) ...more