Why BlogHer '08 is Different that Search Conferences

Being a search marketer, I was a bit taken aback by one marketer who basically "slammed" the BlogHer Conference. Lisa Barone, of Bruce Clay who also attened BlogHer '08, wrote a great post countering this negative posting by a male blogger. I felt that people in the search industry needed to also understand that this wasn't a SEARCH conference in any way, and it was completely different. Here's a piece from that blog post: ...more

I love that we got info on syndication, monetization, and basic searchability, but like I ...more

In the Blogosphere, you can hear...

The theme from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". Many of my fellow bloggers are off to  BlogHer, a three day event designed to celebrate the joy of blogging AND give pointers on how to improve your mad blogging skills. ...more



That blogging is therapeutic is an understatement! Some days, I ...more

BlogHer 2008: Accessibility of Westin St. Francis

For over a year now, I have been traveling and going to professional conferences as a person with a disability, a wheelchair and crutches user. Abilities and disabilities vary wildly. My own issues are most often bathrooms, distances, exhaustion, and stairs. I am less aware of issues and solutions for people with visual impairments and for the deaf or hearing impaired community; I apologize for not addressing those issues here. If you have mobility issues and wonder about the accessible geography of the conference, I have a ton of information! ...more

 I'd like to follow up with my actual experience of accessibility of the hotel.

 First ...more