Going "All In" as an Entrepreneur

I have been a woman consumed. You know that feeling when you first fall head-over-heels in love? Everything feels new and wondrous again--the sky is brighter, your morning coffee tastes better, in fact, your good mood alone may have invented everything wonderful from kissing to gelato.  Sure, you are missing other dates and deadlines and blowing off old obligations, but nothing else matters: you have finally found "The One."   ...more

Hey Deb,

Great article. One of the keys I've found to starting an entrepreneurial venture is ...more

BlogHer Conference Update: New Conferences, Discounts and More!

It's Friday, it's December, Hannukah is in full swing, Christmas and Kwanzaa are weeks away and not to mention 2011 is inching up on us.  Anyone else feeling like me?  As in "when did all of this happen?"  Along with all of the holiday activities comes some BlogHer fun and announcements - hold on to your hat folks we've had a busy week! Now these announcements are not in any particular order - drum roll please ... RRRRLLLLRRRRLLLL ...more

BlogHer|bet Blog Bling

Welcome to BlogHer|bet blog bling -- here you can grab some bling and add some fun sparkle to your blog! ...more