BlogHer '09 General Session Video is Here...Including the Community Keynote!

The wait is over. Following are the videos of each BlogHer '09 general session. You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll think; you'll see your favorite blogger read their most amazing blog post; you'll see Tina Brown ask you to give her your business card; you'll see Ezter Hargittai and danah boyd obliterate our assumptions about today's teens and tweens. ...more

How does one go about getting a sponsor for BlogHer '10? Any tips?more

BlogHer '09: We're listening. And here's what we're mulling over so far...

It's Day Three post-BlogHer '09, and we are in our full-on, annual Listen-Real-Hard mode here at BlogHer. Since Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins and I first plunked down our credit cards to reserve a space for the BlogHer 2005, we have asked for everyone's help to make it happen. To make it better. To make it a celebration of women who blog. ...more

Well said and a very transparent honest professional analysis of your experience  Hmm ...more

Good-bye BlogHer 09, I miss you already

I've attended four of the five BlogHer conferences. I stayed home for the first one and was just about as jealous and miserable as a woman blogger can be. I've spoken at two BlogHer conferences. I've officially live-blogged four BlogHer conferences. I've been drunk at BlogHer Con (which is frightening since I don't drink.) I've cried at BlogHer Con. I've gotten angry at BlogHer Con. I've been the life of the party. I've been the blogger hiding in a corner because she just can't handle the people. My heart has hurt over the sessions I wasn't able to attend. ...more

That was the title of my first conference post. And it about sums it all up for me. ...more

Break Out the Kleenex, It's the BlogHer '09 Community Keynote

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll laugh and cry. How can you not? It's the return of the BlogHer Community Keynote! This year, 21 bloggers from our community read their own work, curated by the marvelous Eden Kennedy of Fussy, Let's Panic about Motherhood, and NaBloPoMo. ...more

Hi there,

The blogger, Black Hockey Jesus, kindly reposted his piece on for all ...more

Announcing BlogHer '10 and BlogHer Business '10

Today BlogHer is thrilled to announce the date, location and venue for BlogHer '10 and BlogHer Business '10. Finally, after five on the West Coast and MIdwest, we are hitting the East Coast. And not just anywhere. Meet us in the Big Apple, Baby! BlogHer is hitting New York City!! And you can register now! Can I hear a w00t?! Here are the details: What: BlogHer Business '10 and BlogHer '10 Dates: BlogHer Business '10 on Thursday August 5th, 2010 BlogHer '10 on Friday and Saturday, August 6-7, 2010 Where: New York, NY ...more

I might just be able to go on Day 2, but I'm going to decide by this weekend. Question - will ...more

Let's talk about BlogHer '09 Internet, shall we?

One week from now the Chicago Sheraton and Towers most definitely will know what's hitting them, as almost 1,500 (mostly) women bloggers check in...and log on. ...more

If you can't get wireless, check and see if your smartphone can act as a tethered modem. My ...more

Announcing: BlogHer '09 LobbyCon

BlogHer '09, BlogHer's fifth annual conference, will be our biggest conference yet. Every year we have sold out and dealt with the dreaded waiting list. This year we sold out BlogHer '09's original capacity in mid-March, which left us with lots of community members wanting in. ...more

Are you still selling this?


Announcing the BlogHer '09 Community Keynote Selections

Today, we are thrilled to announce the final selections for the BlogHer '09 Community Keynote, our second annual Community Keynote, taking place on Friday July 24th. Just like last year, we received hundreds of submissions, and I have to start with a shout-out of gratitude to our tremendous Community Keynote grand poobah: Eden Kennedy from Fussy And the rest of the Community Keynote committee: Jes Ferris and Lori Luna from BlogHer ...more

I loved the Keynote speakers' readings this year! It was like surfing the perfect web, where ...more

BlogHer Food Update: Another waitlist, and a unique opportunity for male food bloggers

Under two weeks ago, we announced BlogHer Food '09, our first foray into a food blogging event, and our second topic-focused event, after BlogHer Business. We have two announcements about BlogHer Food today: ...more

  I filled out the form and will keep my fingers crossed:)    ...more

Announcing BlogHer Food '09: September 26 in San Francisco, CA


I agree, this will be a wonderful event and i just love the location! SF is a beautiful city ...more