The Final BlogHer '08 Blogging Birds of a Feather and Room of Your Own schedule

Remember when we opened up two tracks of open slots for the community to schedule in topic-based Birds of a Feather meet-ups and community-driven Room of Your Own sessions? OK, this might refresh your memory! Those slots filled up pretty quickly, but since I'm not sure you all go check the agenda obsessively (you don't? really?) I thought I'd announce the final line-up. ...more

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, you do need a conference pass to attend any of the ...more

Announcing the BlogHer Community Keynote Selections

Yes, just under the wire, I am here to announce the BlogHer Community Keynote line-up. What to say about an idea that prompted hundreds of posts to come flooding in? How about: We better do this again! And how about: A heartfelt thanks to our selection committee: Alice from finslippy Debbie from Body Impolitic Heather from NoPasaNada Jessica from Oh the Joys! Mona from Kirida Kristy Sammis and Denise Tanton from BlogHer And, of course, the woman who proposed the idea in the first place, Eden Kennedy from Fussy. ...more

Most are up at I must apologize for missing 4 readings ...more

ONE MORE DAY TO REGISTER: BlogHer '08 registration will close tomorrow at 6PM Pacific time

If you've been holding off on registering for BlogHer '08, now is most definitely the time to act. We've been tracking BlogHer registrations, and today was, for some reason, a tremendously active day. Which means we are planning to shut down new registrations tomorrow, July 2nd at 6PM Pacific time. So, no joke and no scare tactic: The next 24 hours are it for BlogHer registrations. Please join us, and join us quickly!! ...more

Hi everyone :)  I would love to attend BlogHer 08 on Friday or Saturday.  If you happen to ...more

BlogHer Reach Out Tour: Call for Ideas and Coaches

it's that time again: Time to find the experts out in our community who want to pass along their hard-won expertise to their fellow bloggers. The Reach Out Tour is coming to a city near you in October...if you live near Boston, DC, Nashville, Greensboro, Atlanta or New Orleans...and we are looking for local experts and local color. Track #1: Blogging Basics ...more

Heh.  Nevermind....more

UPDATED again with even more bling: BlogHer Meet-up Bling for your Blog

UPDATED: All Room of Your Own slots are currently taken, so if you're interested in being put on the waiting list Email Elisa and let her know. Last week I announced BlogHer Meet-up, Birds of a Feather and Room of Your Own opportunities at BlogHer '08 this summer. ...more

Hi Nancy:

Yes, I'm very bummed and sad Pam can't come, and since I'm in denial I don't know ...more

ANNOUNCEMENT: There are only 150 tickets left for BlogHer '08!

As of today, we are six weeks away from the beginning of BlogHer '08 on Friday, July 18th. And we have only 150 slots open for registration. That may sound like a lot, but at the rate registration has been going in the last couple of weeks I can safely say that we will once again sell out, and it could happen more than a couple of weeks before the event starts. ...more

Sorry danielle, we put out our call for volunteers quite some time ago and filled all of our ...more

Announcing another BlogHer "First": The First BlogHer PhotoWalk, brought to you by Shutter Sisters

Calling all photo enthusiasts! Grab your cameras and put on your walking shoes, it’s time for BlogHer’s first ever PhotoWalk, brought to you by the Shutter Sisters, and taking place immediately following the BlogHer '08 Photography session on Saturday afternoon, July 19th, from 3:15-4:30PM. If interested, just meet outside the meeting room where the Photography session concludes at 3PM on Saturday. ...more

Great idea.  I am a supporter. 


I will add the link on my ...more

Announcing the BlogHer "Community Keynote" on Friday July 18th...and how YOU can be a part of it

There's been a notable open slot in the BlogHer '08 Conference agenda, and that's because we've been cooking up something very special: The First Ever "Community Keynote" event at a BlogHer Conference. That's right: the closing keynote for Day One of the conference will be live blog readings from the BlogHer community itself. You'll submit your favorite posts, and we'll get 20 of you at the microphone sharing that favorite post with the entire BlogHer crowd.We thought of calling it BlogHerpalooza, the BlogHer Slam, BlogHer Open Mic or some other such name. But it's a keynote and it will be built from the community, hence: The BlogHer Community Keynote. Originally the brainchild of Eden Kennedy, who has some experience organizing large community writing efforts via NaBloPoMo, here's how it's going to work: ...more

Oh Boo.  I missed the deadline! 


"Minutus cantorum, minutus balorum, ...more

Announcing This Year's Birds of a Feather, Meet-up and Room of Your Own Options at BlogHer '08

Every year we try different things at our conferences, particularly around how we provide opportunities for bloggers to connect with one another. This year we are trying yet another new spin on two of our annual conference standards: Birds of a Feather sessions and Room of Your Own sessions. Birds of a Feather ...more

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The BlogHer '08 schedule is coming together...check it out

Bit by bit, session by session, the BlogHer '08 Conference Agenda is being revealed. Check out the link, and make sure to scroll or click your way down to see the detailed descriptions, not just the session titles. There are now five tracks: Who We Are What We Do What We Believe How We Communicate Who We Are, What We Do and What We Believe (aka the tech track) And (drum roll please) we decided to add a MommyBlogging track! ...more

I'm a little late to the game on this thread but I TOTALLY second any sessions dealing with ...more