BlogHer '08 Session Planning: What do you want from a Photography session?

In the first of what will probably be numerous such posts, I am here to ask you what you want. We've lined up a fantabulous photography mentor for a session in BlogHer '08's How We Communicate track, and we want to know how you want her to focus the 75 minutes she will have for her session. Meet Ma Ra Koh. This is a rare case where her About page tells you a really compelling story. As she says: I didn’t find photography. Photography found me. And then it healed me. ...more

Wow - these are all great topics!  I am really looking forward to this session!  I vote for ...more

UPDATED: BlogHer Business: Ask the Experts, including financial wizard Regina Lian

UPDATED: Intuit brought two handy hand-outs with them to their Ask the Experts segment, and they have graciously agreed to share them with the entire BlogHer community now that the conference is over. While these are focused on small business owners, I actually think many bloggers qualify as small business owners. ...more

Microsoft brings Experts...and free Vista add-ons

We told you about Ask the Experts Room #1 the other day, and now I'm going to describe the activities going on in Ask the Experts Room #2: The Windows Experience Lounge. ...more

Newsflash: Heather Armstrong to speak (and celebrate her birthday) at BlogHer '08

Hot on the heels of her quadruple-win at the 2008 Weblog Awards, I am pleased to announce that Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) is returning to BlogHer '08 this July in San Francisco. Heather was part of the very first BlogHer "Naked" session at the inaugural conference in 2005, and spoke about the ups, downs and late nights of monetizing your blog in 2006. ...more

Wish I could be there!


Announcing the official Call for Ideas for BlogHer '08

The BlogHer community has been submitting ideas for BlogHer '08 session since pretty much the day after BlogHer '07 ended. And you can rest assured that we have been saving all of the ideas, suggestion, speaker recommendations and "shameless plugs." But if you were waiting to hear just a little more about what we have on tap for BlogHer '08 before making your suggestions, then this post will be welcome. I'm announcing the official "Call for Ideas" for BlogHer '08 this July 18-20 in San Francisco, CA. ...more

I have monetized my blogging, if not my blog. I'd love to talk about how I did ...more

FAQ: What's a BlogHership, and how can you get one?

When the first BlogHer conference was launched in 2005 we introduced something called a BlogHership. And we still list BlogHerships as one of the ways everyone can participate in BlogHer events. But what is it, and how do you get one? The inquiries are already pouring in, so I thought it was well past time for me to spell it out. ...more

I would love to do the registartion table, how do I get in on that? I am a college student on a ...more

BlogHer in 2008: Call in to get the scoop this Thursday at 9AM

We reviewed the survey, compiled the poll results, read your blog posts and comments, and we are ready to unveil our BlogHer in 2008 plans...this coming Thursday, September 27th at 9AM Pacific time. And we'd like to do it live and "in person" on a community conference call. We'll take about 15 minutes to outline our entire schedule for 2008, and then we'll have time for Q&A as well. As soon as the call is over we'll push the info live in a blog post and press release too, so don't worry if you can't make it. You won't have to wait too long for the info. ...more

BlogHer 2008: San Francisco

BlogHer Business 2008: New York

BlogHer's Reach Out Tour: ...more

BlogHer Con Live Blogging: Women Across the World

Panelists: Georgia Popplewell (moderator), Juliana Rotich and Amira Al Hussaini and BlogHer Contributing Editor Snigdha Sen (I didn't see her included on the panel description but she is definitely behind the table....) You can find the panel description on BlogHer: Women Across the World. ...more

BlogHer Con Live Blogging: Life Stages of Online Communities

Speakers List: Jane Goldman (moderating), Carol Lin, Betsy Aoki, Aliza Sherman. You can find more info about them and the panel in the Day One Schedule. Pretty full room this year, folks are starting to get seated and find electricity to charge batteries and getting their connections going (so far so good on that end.) We're starting.... No mic? Yes there's a mic but a couple of panelists are having trouble keeping the mic open. ...more