Back from BlogHer: There's No Place Like Home

I have clicked my ruby slippers and am delighted to be back home in Kansas.I'm also delighted that our last drive in New York was with Mahmood, an immigrant from Pakistan. More than 30 years ago, Mahmood was working on a ship that docked in the New York harbor. He waited until dark, jumped overboard, and swam to shore.*I know this, because I asked him how long he had been in America -- he had mentioned being an immigrant and I thought it was a fairly innocuous question....more

This is the exact reason why I love NYC. The people you meet from all over the world each ...more

Bookmark This Post: The Essential BlogHer '10 Links

Worried you won't know where to go or who to see? Fret not! Here's the one post with everything you need to know about BlogHer '10! ...more

Awesome--I've bookmarked it too!




BlogHers Are Funny: Just Read These BlogHer '10 Pre-Conference Tweets

From Snuggie hunting to sexy limo drivers to departures from the English language, BlogHers on their way to New York are cracking me up. ...more

Pregnant and Packing for BlogHer '10: Adventures in Belly Fitting

Everyone is nervous their first time, even when they're sure to be surrounded by awesome and supportive women.  Add to that the anxiety that comes with traveling while pregnant and dressing oneself without the aide of a trusted spouse and tween. Now you're walking in my shoes--which BTW are two sizes larger than they were 6 months ago....more