BlogHer Loves Shoes for Spring & Spring Holidays

Spring officially arrived last week and we weren't able to post our shoe shot as we were on site at BlogHer Entrepreneurs, hosted by Skype.  For more information about this conference, check out our Virtual Con....more
I LOVE shoes! I buy one for every occasion.  I buy two or three from each color.  I have about ...more

We're Rocking the Red Pumps Today

We were inspired to Rock the Red Pumps (and other types of red shoes) in honor of National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on March 10.  If you want more information, please check out the Red Pump website and learn more about their mission and events. As the owner of four pairs of red shoes, I definitely know that they can make a statement. Melinna Gershik Senior Events Manager, BlogHer...more

Show Us Your Favorite Football Team-Inspired Shoes!

This is how much interest I have in American professional football: zero, zilch, nada, none, nil! So you can imagine my great lack of enthusiasm when my football-loving co-workers suggested that we theme this week’s shoe shot to align with a certain upcoming game taking place on Sunday....more

Piles o' Shoes for Thursday: Show Us Yours!

This Thursday at BlogHer HQ, we have extra bodies in the office. When I rallied the troops, members from different BlogHer teams flocked for the weekly shoe shot at different times. To accommodate the the crowd, we took two! See if you can spot the special guest appearance of BlogHer Editor in Chief, Stacy Morrison...or CEO and fearless leader Lisa Stone...or some of the illustrious members of our Design team......more

Thursday Shoes - We Are What We Wear!

For this week’s shoe shot I asked the team to wear a shoe that best represents them and to describe why.  With the start of the New Year and new resolutions, many of us are in a more contemplative state; focused on self reflection, changes and growth.  What better way to self discovery than through our shoes?!  How do your shoes reflect who you are? And here are our Thursday shoes, clockwise from upper right.  Enjoy!Jane Collins, Director of Market Research:...more

Final Thursday Shoe Shot for 2012!

The BlogHer Events team is ending the year with a BANG and dazzling you all with our most splendid final shoe circle of 2012.  Today we bring you diversity of style; fun colors, sparkliness, buckles, heels, snake skin and suede.  ...more
Whoa, those grey shoes are at least 51 shades of hawt!more

BlogHer Loves (Halloween) Shoes!

Due to the proximity of this week’s shoe shot to Halloween, the Events team thought it a no-brainer to theme our meme for Shoe Thursday. Can you say “Theme our meme for Halloween” ten times in a row? Yes, people, it’s Halloween Shoe Day! We came to the office yesterday in full Halloween regalia and documented everything just for you! So please take a look at the shoes below and, without peeking at the second image, see if you can guess which costume they belong to. ...more

Thursday Shoes – Spotlight on Elisa Camahort Page!

This week’s Thursday shoe post features a special surprise.   To keep things fresh, I thought it might be fun to spotlight our very own BlogHer Co-founder and Events team leader… Elisa Camahort Page! ...more
I love that so many of you are joining in!!!more

The BlogHer Events Team Presents... The Weekly Shoe Shot!

Since BlogHer’s very first conference back in 2005, bloggers have been documenting their shoes and sharing them online.   Inspired by the BlogHer community’s love of shoes coupled with our own fashion-conscious staff here at BlogHer HQ, the Events team began a Thursday Shoe meme taking a weekly “cute shoe” shot and posting on Facebook.  Here are some examples from the archive:...more
Here was my blogher12 shoe post...does that qualify? ...more