Being true to yourself... Still time for your 2014 Resolutions

Sometimes they say all you have to do is decide... admit you have a problem and then, there! That's half the battle.All it takes is a DecisionWell I have been at half the battle for sometime now... almost a year plus since making the decision to de-clutter and approach life a quietened consumer with deeper, truer happiness and life based on material and financial minimalism. Shoot for the Stars...more

Get Your Blog Bling for BlogHer PRO!

We are so excited about our newly announced BlogHer PRO Conference coming to San Fransisco, CA on December 13, 2012. It should be a great day for all attendees, and we really can't wait to see you there. Until then, we've made some great bling for you to put on your blog....more
will there be an I WENT button? :) bloghermore