The Guy in The Man Suit at Blogher 2013

Ten to fifteen percent of Blogher conference attendees are men.  Just three percent of the 2,600 submissions for Voices of the Year were chosen to be honored.  From what I can tell, less than a handful of those are men.  I am an attendee, a VOTY honoree and a man.  I feel incredibly humbled and also?Scared....more

What The Heck is #VOTY ?

That's what I was thinking. I'm gonna be upfront about this: I'm not a big BlogHer gal. Don't get me wrong: I don't dislike it. It's more a case of me not GETTING it. ...more
happy_haus ElisaC I am sometimes oblivious too. Are you a threat to my title as Ms. Oblivious? ;)more

BlogHer12: Everyone Has a Voice

Back when I was in college I didn’t know how to cook and I certainly didn’t know how to bake. There was one exception:  I could make a strawberry cheesecake.  Somewhere I had picked up a recipe book and taught myself how to make my favorite dessert. I would wow and impress potential boyfriends with the one and only thing I knew how to make.Fast forward to last weekend. I went to BlogHer12, the largest gathering of women bloggers in the United States....more
What a fabulous exchange. Lovely.more

Reaction to Being a BlogHer 2012 Voice of the Year, Not What I Expected

I was tired, angry and sad. ...more
Kimberly, can I just say here, because I don't talk about my family's finances on my own blog, ...more

Why We Need This Cyber Village: BlogHer '11

I have long been inspired by my favorite line in E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End, “Only connect…” And this last weekend at BlogHer, I saw those two words take on a life of their own. My friend Eden was a Voice of the Year keynote speaker. Standing in the dimly lit ballroom as she read, photographs from her blog post projected upon huge screens, I realized that if not for BlogHer, this very moment would never have happened. Not like this. ...more
Angie, that photo gave me goosebumps - do we need more evidence of why the world is a bit richer ...more

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: The BlogHer Voices of the Year Raise $5,400 for Charity

Nearly six months ago we announced the BlogHer Voices of the Year Gala and Gulf Auction with the first group of art pieces. And two months ago, the auction wrapped up. Today we are pleased to announce that last week BlogHer sent a check in the amount of $5,400 to the Nature Conservancy, in support of their Gulf restoration efforts....more

I love that it raised so much money. I love my photograph, though I really can't decide if it ...more

Update: Bidding Open for Geeky/Nerdy! Tell the World, Make it Count: The BlogHer/Kirtsy Gulf Auction

The Gulf Auction honoring the Geeky/Nerdy 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year is ready and open for bidding. Click on the images from the slideshow below to view the art curated by Kirtsy, learn more about the artists and bloggers, and get a direct link to the art auction on eBay. Each week, we'll auction the art inspired by a different category, and every dollar will be donated to The Nature Conservancy to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico: ...more

I am searching for the one based on my post, but don't see it....more