Disabling Right-Click Save, Watermarking, HTML Code Protection, Our Kids and Online Photo Theft

It's horrifying to realize as I recently have, that someone is lifting photos off of your blog and apparently not content with mere photo theft, has created a community based on the name of your child.With the accompanying photos.This makes me every kind of ball-swinging iron-batting mad.And it makes me get on my toes to protect the images and name of my child, to prevent this from happening to others as well.Here are 3 pieces of critical information - regarding disabling right-click save, adding HTML code to lock down your photos in preventing them from being opened in a new window and also on watermarking your photos with picasa....more
This works if I am trying to save a picture from the compter however it does not work if I am ...more

Resuscitation Needed....

This is my first post on BlogHer.  Maybe it's rude or inappropriate to make my first post a plea, but I missed the Web Community Etiquette classes along with the How to Make Your Blog Not Suck classes.  So I need help!!  I started a blog WAY back in the day when people were like, "What's a blog and why do you have one?"  I had it for a few years and for some profound reason I can no longer recall, sent it into cyberspace oblivion by deleting it....more