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Birthday Weekend and Four Months

  Wow folks! This week flew by for sure. It was a trying week for both the baby and me. Our sleep patterns have been a mess. I know that there are plenty of books and articles stating that a baby's sleep patterns change but it feels so erratic....more

Finding Balance: Motherhood vs. Womanhood

Being a mother isn’t easy but being a woman isn’t easy either.  For over 12 years I have been mother of a fantastic boy, and I wouldn’t trade a second of those years for anything else in this world.  However, the road through motherhood has not been easy for me at all.  Before I became a mother, I would “ooh and awe” at mothers who crossed my path, I would make faces while coddling someone else’s little bundle of joy, and at around 28 years old, I had those awful depressed moments when I thought my “biological clock" was running out.  I am a late b...more

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Vegan Guacamole Boca Burger and Creamy Zucchini Sandwich

Hi there! We've have lots going on this week. We are preparing for our THIRD weekend out of town. How do we do it, eh? This week has especially been rough. My Julianne has been going through a growth spurt and has been eating every hour and a half. Talk about being sore and tired!...more

The Best Days of My Life

Sitting at my high school graduation, I thought to myself, these are the best days of my life.  For me, high school was pretty great.  I had experienced lots of success both academically and athletically.  I thought nothing could top this.Then, I went to college.  In those four years, I joined a sorority, participated in campus activities, screamed my lungs out at football games, and fell in love.  Surely, those years when I discovered who I was, chose what I wanted for my career, and met the man I would marry were the best days of my life....more

Even 6th Graders Hug Their Moms

So when I had the opportunity yesterday morning to ride to school with Cam, I jumped on it. This is our last year of elementary school, and it feels like a chapter of childhood is closing. Eager to squeeze out every moment I can, we hop on our bikes and quickly head out on the bike path. My big red cruiser is no match for his neon pink BMX bike -- I have to work to keep up. After a few minutes he slowed and said, “You know, Mom, when Lily was in 4th grade she rode to school by herself. Why do you still ride with me?”...more
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Tempus fugit....but only when you're having fun

How is it possible that my newborn baby girl is in junior high? There's only one answer - time bends and stretches according to your activity. This is fact, not opinion. What's that, you say? Yes, you, in the think I've lost my mind? While I'm sure that's true, please hear me out before you laugh and close the blog (and please send it back if you find it - it's too little to be out on its mind, not the blog post)....more

Den Chronicles: Suck it Up!

How many mothers think that once their children reach a certain age they will start getting better sleep?  I hate to inform them that the reality is you trade little or no sleep for restless or different types of sleep.For instance, my eight year old is now, all the sudden, afraid of the dark. He is our youngest child, and I am sure part of the fear is due to his older siblings telling him ghost stories. We have banned TV, monitored which books he can read, brought the dog in to sleep in his room, left the lights on, turned on music, etc. etc. to no avail....more
LOL! I totally grew up in an Irish Catholic family! And superstitious to boot! But seriously, we ...more

Half Hers, For Now

Harper, our 21 month old, recently learned how to climb out of her crib and open her bedroom door. The past few nights, she had made sure to put her newfound skills to use. One night, I counted and Harper climbed out of her crib 14 times. I've barely slept the past four nights and I'm exhausted, to say the very least. I'm okay with that, however. I've got a stock of Rockstar Recovery to keep me going throughout the day and I've got a whole lot of love for Harper to keep me from beating/drugging her in the night. ...more

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