Sensational Saturday - Blogspot to Wordpress - This Girl Did it Herself

Sensational Saturday - it is sensational to be able to do things for yourself.Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis, (I appreciate each and every one of you) have noticed some changes to the way this blog looks. The look changed because this week I switched moved my blog from Google's Blogspot platform to a self hosted blog.  I have resisted this change for quite a long time, but finally after speaking with a few people at the recent PowerUp Weekend in Washington, D.C. I  put on my big girl panties and made the switch. ...more
This is you answered my question about whether advertising is allowed on the ...more

Cross post: Facebook! Fighting the Good Fight Against...Mommy Bloggers?

Imagine my horror when I checked my FB fanpage on Saturday night and found out my link was blocked due to "abusive content"Read here to hear the whole story....more

Blogging Tip: How to Remove the CAPTCHA from the New Blogger

Grace Duffy from Formerly Gracie recently shared a quick and easy tutorial on how to remove CAPTCHA (word verifcation) from the commenting system on the newly designed Blogger interface. She writes, ...more


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How To Save Money With Coupons!!

People ask me, how do you get things for free? well, I'm going to tell you how I do it so you can too.If you want to get things for Free or at a steep discount, there are certain things that you need to make habits, apart of your daily/weekly routine such as Buy Sunday Papers for the Coupon inserts, never miss a week....more

Great couponing ...more

Google Gives Blogger a Makeover

At SXSW Interactive this week, Google announced a refresh of the interface for its popular Blogger blogging platform. The software hasn't been updated in years, although it remains one of the most popular blogging tools on the Web. ...more
Love the new changes, recently gave my blog a facelift, huge improvement, still other things I ...more

A Couple of Confessions

I have a couple of confessions to make. #1. I am moving my blog from blogher to blogspot. I love the blogher community but I am drawn to blogspot for the amount of control you have over the appearance of your blog. I hope you will follow me there at #2. The names I've been using on this blog are NOT our real names. I decided on assumed names to protect the identity of my children....more

Choosing Blogger (Blogspot) as Your Blogging Platform

Blogger (or Blogspot) is a free blogging platform run by Google. My opinion is that it's a great platform for beginning bloggers who may be unsure about whether they are going to embrace blogging for the long-term or who may be unable (or unwilling) to pay for blog hosting. ...more

WordPress? Blogger? Typepad? How to Choose a Blogging Platform

When you decide to start your own blog, you have many choices to make -- and the very first choice is which platform to use. The most popular blog platforms are Blogger, Typepad, and WordPress. This article will explain the basic differences of these platforms, and the pros and cons of each. ...more

I was a slow convert to Wordpress but once I figured out the difference between pages and ...more