Smart Business Finds that Self-Publishing Isn't Just for Authors Any More

A few years ago the traditional publishing empire collapsed and authors turned to the new tech tools to create, format, and sell their books. Today there's no sigma to self-publishing a book, as long as it's done professionally....more

Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Blog: Pitching a Blog-to-Book Idea or Moving from Book-to-Blog

Once upon a time, writers wrote a book, then launched a blog to help promote it. I did that. And now, for my next act, I’m thinking about going in the opposite direction. Why? Because in the new world publishing order, where "platform" is key to an author’s success, writers are learning the importance of engaging readers well before their book is born. ...more

I attended Cyber Mummy in London a few weeks ago and an editor from Harper Collins said that ...more