The Power of Latina Bloggers

The influence of Latin bloggers, or “blogueras,” in the media is becoming more and more prevalent. Latinas are creating a name for themselves in the realm of social media, and their influence doesn’t stop there. Latina bloggers have been writing for a long time, just as other bloggers have, but only recently has the culture of Latina blogging really been identified. Slowly, experts have started to recognize the Latina blogger’s true reach and how gaining their support will play integral role in both political discourse and online marketing as well....more

Blogher11: A view from the other side of the border

A week has gone by and I still feel the excitement and energy that characterized the Blogher11Conference at San Diego. I had been counting the days since I bought my ticket as an "Early bird" on December and wanted the event to take place.I had the chance to participate in the Blogher Bet on March at Silicon Valley, so this was my second BlogHer experience. I couldn´t be happier....more