Drawing Blood at Preschool?

Yesterday, I dragged my crew to the preschool where we take a few extra-curricular classes. It was going to be our last day, the school stating it was open until December 23rd. What they failed to mention was that the extra classes ended last week. So, we walk, hand in hand, to the big doors and are accosted by LifeSouth people trying to do a blood drive in one of those mobile units. Right outside the preschool. "Please come," the woman said, "we've been here for two hours and not one person has donated blood." ...more

BlogHer '11 Conference Blood Drive

This year, on the urging of our colleague and friend, Erin Kotecki Vest, BlogHer's Social Media Strategist aka: Queen of Spain, we have decided to roll up our sleeves (literally) and donate blood products while we are at the San Diego Convention Center for BlogHer ’11!...more
I donated and I'd also be interested in finding out what the total donation amount ended up ...more