"Revenge of the Red Widow" Margarita

     Sweet Women gone bad, ...more

Blood Orange and Lemon Curd Vinaigrette

“Blood oranges” are one of the least used fruit throughout the world of citrus. So it is no wonder that it is being used for this recipe. And it certainly makes for a wonderful salad vinaigrette, or any other recipe you may think to use it in, in your culinary cooking....more
Oh, yes, shrimp... I'm drooling all over again.   lol! @SunbonnetSmart.com more

Best Souvenir For Canning Enthusiast

How do you tell I love canning a little too much? Here is how. When I packed for my month-long sojourn in Fort Lauderdale, I included a few kitchen essentials since I anticipated some simple cooking to keep my living expense in check. By simple, I had every intention to keep things uncomplicated. Perhaps a couple batches of cookies or brownies for a treat but nothing ambitious. As I became more comfortable in my daily schedule, the temptation of the gorgeous local fruit grew ever stronger. Finally, I broke down and bought a few organic blood oranges....more

Slimming Down

An unexpected result of being away from home is that I am slimming down quickly. My home is typically stocked with all kinds of little bites for me to graze on throughout the day. Now that I have a few storage and cooking limitations, I think long and hard before putting an item into my shopping basket. That means meal planning is a lot more organized and I make sure to only purchase items I need for dishes I plan to make in the next few days. Just one week into my training and my clothes are already fitting a little more loosely. Imagine that!...more

World Cocktail Day:The Bloody Pearl- Aroma Cucina

World Cocktail Day:The Bloody Pearl- Aroma Cucina 2ptGin,2ptBloodOrange,1/4ptPastis,muddlMint http://bit.ly/jDWnuL ...more

Cupcakes with Candied Blood Oranges

I was inspired to try this recipe after seeing it on a fellow blogger's site: The Cilantropist. I used Nigella Lawson's simple cupcake recipe and topped each cake with a candied blood orange. ...more