BlogHer Writing Lab: Perfect Picture Blue Sky

Have you ever taken the perfect picture of the sky? Show us the image....more

Oui, Oui.

There’s something very French about basic blue stripes, no?This classic print gets a bit of an update when it comes in crop top form and paired with a quilted circle skirt + bright blue platform pumps. The best part? Both the top and skirt are by H&M and clock in at a combined total of $25. The top isn’t online anymore (check your local stores!) but the skirt is. Not a bad date night outfit, am I right?...more

Cobalt Go-Tos.

A striped tee and a pair of skinny trousers in classic khaki is a go-to office outfit for me. Best for mornings when I’m not feeling particularly daring (or awake, let’s get real), so I grab something foolproof....more

Color Club Halo Hues in Over the Moon swatches+review

It's cold here again! I'm ready for warmer temps, spring and flowers. Sheesh. That groundhog needs fired. He said early spring, not 6 more weeks of winter! ...and yes, this is 6 weeks since he made his prediction. It might be time to let Phil retire with dignity! hahah :) For this sludgy, cold day, I've got one of the Color Club Halo Hues for you today! This one is Over The Moon, a gorgeous icy blue....more

Dear Blue and White,

Dear dear Blue and White,...more

30DOC, Day 25

When you're working with a medium that happens to be entirely red, it can be rather challenging to respond to an inspirational prompt that focuses on a specific colour - such as orange, for example... or maybe yellow. ...more
 @Isabel_Anders I'm not quite done yet - just done with the colour prompts - but just a few days ...more

I'm so blue

I haven’t been feeling well and I finally went to the doctor.  Of course they never know what is wrong with me but my husband was worried.  I’ve been having some really bad back pain.  So now I have some huge horse pills to take “just to see”…. and they said it could be kidney stones which I have had before.  On the way home the 200 speed bumps in my neighborhood really smarted.  I’d like to kill the speed demons who caused those.  Anyway, while I was out and about I snapped this picture from the truck window....more

Doodle Per Diem #20

Today's doodle is yet another flower....more

Blue For Fall Fashion

Blue For Fall FashionHey y’all! How is everyone? Sorry I was MIA last week. It was a rough one and I, honestly, gave up. There was a lot on my plate, things were going wrong, and I didn’t have the support that I thought I did.Today, however, will mark a new start for me. I’m determined to turn things around, to get my life in order, and to show appreciation to what and who I have. Why not look at this new week as a new beginning?First up, make a to-do list:- Hour Blast...more