Choose your cover: Maximizing Sunscreen Efficacy

What if you could be armed with an invisible force field that would protect you and your loved ones form any unseen dangers and harm? Sounds good, right? To have a secure way of ensuring you and your loved ones are safe all day, every day, would definitely be ideal. What if I told you that your search for this invisible bulletproof vest has been right under your nose and that you can get it at your favorite dermatologist’s office? That lifesaving product is none other than sunscreen. ...more

Top 10 Reasons Why Blue Lizard Sunscreen is the Best

Typically, I do not write posts about products; however, since I am a skin cancer educator I am often asked what products (particularly sunscreens) I think offer optimum protection against skin cancer. So, to answer that question here are the Top 10 reasons why Blue Lizard Australian Suncream Sensitive formula is the best stuff on the planet! ...more

Danielle, you are not lying - I LOVE this stuff!

I have extremely fair skin (I'm a guy, ...more