Why I'm Fussy About Both Men and Food

Fussy? I have two things to say about this: 1. The last time she asked me this question, I happened to be dating someone. When I told her this, she took me aside and whispered in my ear, "Play the field." Huh. 2. Yes, indeed, I am fussy. Here's why. ...more

Loved your food, loved the pie, loved your attitude. Thanks for the good read and the ...more


It started out as a pretty good day today.  Had my last "first" day of class today, my Psych class.  Best group so far.  Only 9 of us in the class and that works well since we will be spending every Saturday from 9am-11.50am for the next 3 months together.  Nice folks.  Had a good time.  Liked my prof.  After class everything stayed hunky dory- went to mom's to help her paint and got her entire bedroom painted.  Got to listen to about 5 episodes of my favorite podcast (...more

White Chocolate Bark with Blueberries, Pine Nuts and a Zest of Lemon

 Creamy, sweet, tangy and nutty. It doesn't get any better than this!...more

Thanks, I'll have to give that a try! I was so disappointed when my pictures didn't show up in ...more

Raspberry, Blueberry, Cream Cheese & Mascarpone Pound Cakes

What a perfect time of year to make these delicious Raspberry, Blueberry, Cream Cheese and Mascarpone Pound Cakes, with berries in season they are so sweet and juicy and enhance the flavour of the pound cake....more

A True Blueberry Pecan Cake

Straight from my father’s kitchen is this Blueberry cake. It’s one of my favorite summer recipes. Read more......more

Mmmm blueberry cake would be really, really good right now.

Contributing Editor ...more

Red White and Blueberry Cupcakes With Rum Icing

From my blog The Adirondack Chick In honor of July 4, we decided to whip up some cupcakes, as well as share some of our favorite links to recipes we liked for this holiday weekend....more

blueberry streusel muffins

I have an idea. Let's all pretend that it's still the weekend and we're all at home laying in bed, eating delicious blueberry streusel muffins fresh out of the oven. ...more

Sunday Morning Pancakes

Laying in bed this morning listening to Daniel mutter something about wanting bagels but not wanting to go get them, I think in my head that a nice carb-heavy breakfast sounds good to me, too. But - as I haven't really cooked all weekend (minus an easy omelet yesterday, which I will post about soon as everyone should know how to make a perfect one) - I decide that pancakes are in order. ...more

Blueberry Sweet Potato Bread

Blueberry Sweet Potato Bread Here is another recipe that is great to prepare and serve on a busy morning. At first blueberries and sweet potatoes seemed like an unlikely combination to me, but the two turned out to be a wonderful complement to one another. I think you will like this bread as much as I do. Once my busy family is out the door, I enjoy taking a few moments to savor a ...more