How to Get Yourself Out of a Bad Mood

Every so often I have one of those days. Things may look smooth on the outside, but inside my emotions are tangled up like a tumbleweed. If I'm not careful, that day can turn into a period of time when self confidence slips away and self doubt takes its place. Different people experience depression in different ways, and reactions may range from mild to severe. In my case, I've identified a pattern over years; a baseline for what to expect during a down phase. Paying attention to my past gives me assurance that "this too shall pass." ...more

Guitarist Davy Knowles Will Open For One Of The Biggest Blues Artists George Thorogood At The Saban Theater

Blues guitar virtuoso Davy Knowles will open for one of the biggest names in blues music, George Thorogood (“Bad To The Bone”)! The show is at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA on Thursday September 17, 2015. I guarantee this is a performance you will not want to miss. Davy will be playing tracks off of his new album The Outsider, available on iTunes here:

Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 2

(Photo Compliments of Sue Schwabauer Hoeksema)Yesterday we talked about the effects of fall and winter on our mood. While you are waiting for the new season to come, and the darkness and depression to lift there are things you can do to help....more

Tangled Up In Blues: Living With Depression

photoEarly one morning the sun was shining ...more

Do you have the Holiday Blues?

This time of year can be stressful. All the shopping, parties, cooking, cleaning, etc. can really get you down....more

The Lady Godivas of Folk-Blues

I wanted to make a collection of softly angelic songs by female singer-songwriters of the '60s and '70s—my project went into a different direction: I was drawn to the depths of female folk music, ardent with wild emotions and independence. I explored female musicians in American folk, folk-blues, and found hints of folk-roots in modern garage rock. Why the "Lady Godivas of Folk-Blues"? Because these women come to us raw—their voices are pure, coming straight from the visceral core of their emotions; they sing about outcasts,  callous hearts, and independence....more

My view from INSIDE the White House

 @victorias_view I appreciate your mssg. Just wanted to share it with everyone!  more

Things that made me smile today!

Things heard in my house this morning…..   1.      An annoying alarm clock going off extra early followed by my husband cussing and dumbfounded because he can’t remember why it is going off so early and he is still half asleep and can’t figure out how to turn it off.   2.      Screech….eeeek…screech….followed by a really loud “Crap” and a “Sorry” from my husband.  That’s when I remembered today was “Blues” Monday and the loud pitch sound that reminded me of nails on a chalk boa...more

How to Make Sunshine

Today we rose to a sun that was trying it's darndest to burn through the mist that shrouds the redwoods. It'd peek through momentarily, lighting up the whole living room, and within minutes hide again beyond the mist....more

You have a way with words! I felt I was there...Thank you for the sunshine. in ...more