"Green" Make-up: Great Ingredients But Still Working on the Packaging

I frequently get asked about what I do for plastic-free makeup, and honestly I haven’t had the best answer. I continue to use the products that I already had and generally only replace them with plastic-free alternatives once they are used up....more

Hi ulew.  Thanks for raising these issues.  It's nice when a company is trying to ...more

One step up from pinching your cheeks: goofproof blushes that suit almost everyone

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Maybelline, Benefit and Neutrogena. ...more

I was always afraid of cream blushes. I never got the hang of it. But I've heard great things ...more

Beating Your Beauty Blues

3 secrets that make makeup work -Lois Joy Johnson, BettyConfidential.com ...more

Oh Stop. You're Making Me Blush.

Okay, so I must confess. And keep it between me and you. There are two items I don't like to leave the house without: Chapstick and blush. ...more

Smashbox Skin Tint - A goof-proof, summer-friendly blush stick

Summer, to me, has always meant paring down my makeup routine. It’s hot, sticky, and any attempt at an artfully smoky eye is rendered futile the minute I set foot into the fetid steambath known as the New York City subway system. (That is a mistake you make only ONCE, my friends.) ...more

I was looking for it to recommend to someone who was having blush frustrations, and so I went to ...more