Feeding Emily (our experiences with baby led weaning)

I remember the first food we gave Emily: a stick of fresh creamy California avocado. She grasped it eventually after chasing it around her tray leaving trails of green behind. She squeezed it in her little fist and brought it to her mouth, smearing it over her face and in her hair. I don’t actually think she ate any of it at all but she had fun exploring this new substance, this strange stuff called food....more

Spilling Guts

Because close-ups of spilling guts are so intensely interesting; doesn't everything up close look mysterious and complicated?  Yes, even when it's not always a good thing....more

Organic Tryouts: Yobaby Organic Yogurt

Organic Tryouts: YoBaby Yogurt by Stonyfield - Blueberry yogurt.  And this time we've got two taste-testers: Myself and Bambina.  More her than me, since I'm still on my weekday vegan attempts to limit my dairy and it's sinus-allergy-hellish side effects.  Don't worry, I still love cheese.  Munster and Colby and Mozzarella, oh yes.  I digress......more

BLW and Halloween Updates

It's an update of sorts, both food/kid related, and kid/Halloween related.  Either way, I guess I'm covering an update for each kid so it's all good! Except I'll apologize now (again, and again) for my shoddy sewing (couldn't sew a straight line even with the fanciest Project Runway machine), and my up-close pics!...more

Baby Cheetos

Because baby cheetos are super delicious and nutritious! Um......more

BLW - questions & tips

After I posted about BLW yesterday I realized there was a lot I really didn't address. The truth is that infant feeding is such a vast subject that I don't think I can truly cover every single aspect. But, I thought I'd at least broach some of the common questions and share some tips based on my experience.1- What do you feed the baby if you don't puree or mash up the food?...more

BLW - an exercise in trust

The introduction of solid foods did not go well with my 1st son. It was a problem from the start. I was naive and much less informed than I am now. I also wasn't very confident in my own instincts and I followed other people's recommendations instead of following my little boy's lead. So I tried those (god awful, over-processed, nutritionally deficient, not any better than a cardboard box) baby cereals and he was not having any of it. He also hated purees in general (I always say he's a smart kid). Needless to say that it was a struggle to get him to eat anything....more