Weekly Menu: Baby Solid Food with pictures

Transitioning to baby solid food can be tricky. I want to share with you a sample weekly menu for baby solid food. When my daughter, Eden, started on solid food, I struggled to find anyone willing to share what their baby was eating at a particular age. I wanted to know what a typical day looked like for an early eater and only found a few resources, which you can check out from our Feeding Baby Pinterest Board. Over the last six months, I have figured out why: Every baby is different AND Every day is different....more
mothersapronstrings I'm glad to hear it's helpful! I definitely hope to share more in the future!more

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) Goes Cheese Less

Cheese less.  I apologized to the young dude taking my Pizza Hut (yes, I went with a franchise because they're fast, closer than any other pizza place, and I had a coupon) order for being weird.  He assured me it wasn't weird, and that he gets this same request just about everyday.  I felt like apologizing instantly, because I'm sure a lot of people think cheese less pizza is some kind of food abomination.  Trust me, my husband and friends are as horrified as you are right.  And Sillyboy only responded with "But, why?!" and Bam...more