Official: Tell Your Children Fake Bath Salts Cause Death (Video)

Flourishing on the heels of the illegalization of synthetic marijuana, fake bath salts, often referred to as synthetic cocaine, have been sending young people to the hospital and the morgue across the United States. Doctors and law enforcement officers in Louisiana report that they are getting emergency calls from parents and sometimes the victims themselves saying, "Something is wrong. Help!" Users hallucinate and sometimes become paranoid and violent. ...more
Hi there Nordette! Thank you for getting me in the loop. I can see me finding these on the ...more

The Political Playground

Earlier this week a Townhall columnist wrote: ...more

I've enjoyed your posts and the debates that they spark, but they are starting to sound all the ...more

Dear World: Rush Limbaugh is NOT Head of the GOP or Conservatism

The Republican Committee may have elected Michael Steele as its new chair, but you can't tell if you've paid any attention at all to the headlines. This isn't due to the left's incessant attempts to portray Rush Limbaugh as the real head of the party - more on this in a bit; rather, it's due to a continuous power vacuum and Steele's hesitance to embrace conservative ideology for fear of sacrificing his "big tent" pseudo-popularity. ...more

Dana, you said you would respond to the alleged hate speech if someone could offer you ...more

Twas the Night Before Christmas ... Conservative-Style

Twas' the night before Christmas and all through the White House, all the liberals gagged the imaginative press for Obama and spouse.Union bosses lined up outside with their palms raised, ...more

You had fun with this, Dana. :-)  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It's a government wait it's a blog

Has anyone else noticed that the website for the Office of Governor in Alaska looks more like a blog than a government website? When you first arrive at the site and give it a glace it does look like any other government site but just take a moment to really you see it? ...more

Louisiana's New Science Education Law Sparks New Debate Over Intelligent Design

Last week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill (.pdf) that will alllow science teachers to introduce "supplemental materials" on contentious subjects such as evolution and global warming. While supporters cheer the new law as a victory fo academic freedom, critics see it as a pretext for allowing teachers to bring their religious beliefs into classrooms. ...more


Bobby Jindal, Don't Ignore Your Halfiness ...more