Damn You, Flow

Chances are that if you haven’t gotten your period back before you return to work, it will come back once you are back to work. You need to know a few things about Flow.First, Flow messes with your supply. Usually, right around when you are ovulating (though some women experience this at the beginning of their periods instead), your supply will dip somewhat and your nipples will get a little sore. Your period probably won’t be regular when you first get it back, so you may not know when you ovulate, but a dip in supply may be one indication....more

Your Thighs Are Huge

I was basking in the sun on the Delaware beaches.  I had just completed my first 5k and had even won my age group.  In between dips into the ocean, I found myself discussing my accomplishment to a man and woman who had also ran the race.  I told them how I was so excited to complete my first 5k because I had been a sprinter in high school and at one time could have only dr...more

The Naked Lady

I stepped out of the shower, dropped my towel, and caught a glimpse of my body in the mirror.  Not a spring chicken anymore but not quite an old bird either.  Somewhere in the middle, I guess.  The body I saw did have a lot of middle to look at and too many imperfections to count.  I’ll try anyway....more

Friday Faves: Tasha Hussey Body

You may remember my post about the beautiful Tasha Hussey Jewelry...she sent me a beautiful green and white ring that I just adore. Well, after that post, Tasha asked me if she could send me some of her body products. And of course I said I would love to try them out! I was thrilled when the mail arrived and she sent two soaps for me and 3 for my sweet E! When I opened the package, I could smell how amazing these soaps were....more

Make Peace with Your Body and Appearance

This is an excerpt from my new book Nothing Changes Until You Do, posted with permission.  Published by Hay House and available online or in bookstores....more

Listen to your body...it's smarter than you think!

Do you know when to sit down, breathe and just listen to what your body is telling you? We tend to ignore signals it gives us to slow down! Check out my new post about my recent incident with ignoring what my body was telling me and how you can start making small changes in your life!Click me!...more

"Body Shape… Perfect Fit" [Diamond]


"Body Shape… Perfect Fit" [Pear/Triangle]

 Hey guys, I’ve really been enjoying our discussions about body shapes. So we are going to add another shape to our conversation. Next on the list… Pear Shape… check out your shape HERE...more


AnitaG. G. stands for GIRL Of Course, i really do, just Love the Spa! i have been going to the Spa for my Entire Life so obvious!  Spa means "nature's bath". it is Still Winter here for 5 MORE weeks Now that it is the Face-freezing Beginning of'14year. So i just had to Cheat and get One Per Sample mini-facial to survive it's not Spring until 4/5Months into '14year. i got my Eyebrows tinted in to Start the New Year !  The eyebrows Aren't with my Hairstyles, they Are tinted to my Face. ...more

Taking Care of your Post-Partum Self

Being a new mother is hard. All of a sudden BAM- here is motherhood and you are totally responsible for raising up a little human. It is hugely rewarding, yet amazingly difficult. With all of this new found responsibility the first thing you let go of is taking care of yourself. Showers can wait until the next feeding is over. But guess what, your babe has decided to cluster feed and next thing you know it is 3 pm and you’re still in your pjs. I totally get it....more