“OMG, I love your boots!”

“I love your boots!”I can’t tell you how many times we have heard that around here lately. Over the last couple of months we have not been on a single errand where someone didn’t stop my son to tell him how great his cowboy boots are. At first he smiled and said thank you–he loves his boots, too–but you can see now that the novelty of the attention his boots are getting is wearing thin....more

Are Plus Size Models The Answer To Our Body Image Problems?

I cringe every time I read an article about how fantastic it is that some company decided to embrace shape and size diversity and use plus size models in their advertisements.Well good for them. Aren’t they special. Someone should give them a gold star. ...more

Jillian Michaels called size acceptance WHAT???

I've watched several seasons of The Biggest Loser over the years. I always admired Allison Sweeney for being part of such a successful show after all of her years as scheming Sami Brady on Days of our Lives. I was fascinated by the concept of these people locking themselves away in a retreat to concentrate on one and only one goal, losing weight. I grew to admire Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as I watched them drive people to do things they never imagined they could do....more

Would You Say Something?

So, my girls and I went to the pool this afternoon. While we were floating around with our noodles, there were three middle school aged girls (12-13 years old) floating near us talking. Two of them were quite thin and the other was larger. She reminded me of myself at her age--big enough to feel too big, but not really fat....more

They were 12, too. They were offering to help her with her diet, and also keep her parents from ...more

Why I Don't Watch My Kids' Weight

I don't worry about my kids weight or their body shapes, because I don't want them to. I make sure they know that bodies come in all sizes and that theirs are perfect just the way they are. And then I make sure they have access to bikes, I save one dollar bills so they can go swimming all summer, I make sure they have free access to nutritious foods and I get out of the way....more
New way of thinking. It does make sense.  Thank you for the great post!more

Myth Seven: Fat is Jolly

Dr. Pattie Thomas wrote a book called Taking Up Space: How Eating Well and Exercising Regularly Changed My Life that is just really awesome. If you haven’t read it, it’s well worth investing in....more

An Open Letter to Those Who Judge the Morality of Health

Arwyn from Raising My Boychick has a post up now about whether or not people have a moral obligation to strive for health. It got me thinking. I am the child and sister of addicts and the only really fat person in my large family.  I've found myself sometimes in the strange situation of being talked to about my health for my own good by people who are thinner, but obviously less physically healthy than I am....more

There are not so many fat persons that fill good in their bodies. Even more I no few people that ...more

The SpokenCoast Project: Wheelie bag donation request

Originally published May 23, 2011 on http://spokencoast.org.My body feels much like the cracked plastic of my truck’s blinker light this morning. At least I could easily buy the truck part & replace it. Not so much with my shoulder & neck.  ...more

The SpokenCoast Project: Bodies don’t lie...

Made it up to the Clair Tappan lodge today for the Wilderness First Responder course with the Sierra Club.  I wanted to take this course before leaving on the trip so I felt better prepared for a wilderness emergency.  You can never have too many backcountry skills, I’ve found....more