Young (White & Thin) Hollywood

I feel like I should first begin with telling you all that I love Vanity Fair, and I love Annie Leibovitz's photos, in general. I find the articles interesting and pictures beautiful. Alright, that's enough of a disclaimer. I'm pretty unhappy with Vanity Fair, and the "choice" of ladies they've put on their cover this month. I'm sure the moment you see it, you'll see what's irking me. ...more don't expect the rampantly caucasian editors of Vanity Fair to ...more

He Says: "You Got Dimensions."

Joey tells me that constantly, and he always has. It’s his way of appreciating a woman’s curves. I always roll my eyes and giggle, because he’s a nerd, and also because to me, I could stand to be much less dimensional. Usually I mutter something about being obese or just shrug it off. He persists and tells me that if I want to be smaller, I should do something about it, but that it’s not a big deal. That I am gorgeous. Then I get aggravated that he’s telling me to change my diet and routine, just as I am aggravated that he’s ok with how I am....more hard it is to take the compliment, to change the words, I am working on it, you can ...more

Poetry Friday: God's Gym

by Lisa Russ SpaarMy evening commute takes me along a highway that could be Anywhere, USA — a rootless route of chain restaurants, box stores, motels, gas stations. One evening, stopped at a red light, I noticed that the "L" in the local strip-mall Gold's Gym sign had gone dark....more

Products You Just Can’t Live Without!

Today, more than ever, body image is a huge self-esteem issue for women and girls. We are constantly bombarded with messages about how to be perfect — Get Thin Fast; I Hate My Hair; Surgery-Free Boob Jobs; LongerLegs, Leaner Lines, Sexier Silhouette. Speaking in a recent issue of People magazine, the 23-year-old reality television celebrity and sage adviser Heidi Montag, who underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day, admitted that she plans to “keep using surgery to make me as perfect as I can be.” And as Heidi knows all too well, beauty isn’t cheap. But even if you don’t have $30K to overhaul yourself in the New Year, AAUW resolves to make you the ideal woman from head to toe in 2010 with a few beauty products you would be loathe to do without....more

What Color Is Your Labia?

January is "make over your life!" month. Pages and pages of self-improvement schemes are clogging the cloud with their vision for change.  Kate Gosselin's straw head makeover is inexplicably everywhere including on CBS's morning show (here on You Tube)....more

Sooner or later, I bet some enterprising individual is going to try selling ass ...more

Calories: Please Don't Talk About Them When You're Seven

I've written before about how we tend to keep our kidlets a little sheltered.  They are five and seven and there's plenty of time for growing up. J. has been finding random videos of the girls when they were littler and they are so sweet and tiny, so precious and innocent, that they make me cry every time I watch them. He thinks it's weird that they make me cry, but they do. Almost to the point where it hurts to watch them....more

Ugh...same darn thing over here...'cept it started last year, in FIRST grade. First ...more

Healing Self Hatred...a Vital First Step

I've always had a passion for finding the good in someone, zeroing into it, celebrating it, valuing that individual, either from afar or more directly to them in words or deeds. This just has kinda always been a trait of mine. My uncle actually used to giggle when I'd write a note to him on a birthday card. "Tre always makes me feel so much better than I really am." I used to laugh when he'd say that....more

Negative Body Image Issues

Building a Healthy Body ImageBoth emotional specialists and psychologists generally agree that eating disorders are generally rooted in negative body image.  When this happens, sufferers usually see distorted body images when they gaze in a mirror – and as such, feel “fat” or otherwise imperfect regardless of whether these terms accurately describe the structure of their physical bodies.Negative body images can manifest from one or more of the following factors:...more

Grasping at Thin


Kate Moss, Shut Up. I'm Trying to Raise a Daughter Here.

Recently Kate Moss told interviewer Brid Costello that one of her mottos is "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." My first reaction was to recite that to myself 800 times a day and see if it worked. I've been having a lot of trouble getting motivated to lose weight in the last couple of years. ...more

Clearly what Kate Moss is telling us is how good she is at controlling what goes into her mouth. ...more