What Being "Fat" Is Like For My Daughter

Disclosure:  I was shocked when I visited Facebook last night and read my daughter's status update.  My shy, anxiety-ridden daughter,  who has struggled with her weight her entire life, came out of the closet, so to speak.  She started off by stating that she was afraid, but that the time had come for her to put it out there.  Yes, she admitted publically for the very first time that she is has fat.  She then linked to a beautifully written blog post and laid it all on the table.  A summary by me...more

A Brasater Day!

GiftedA Brasater Day!    ...more

What Four Neighbors Have Taught Me about Self Love

A college celiac who blogs about everything from gluten free living and recipes, restaurant reviews, college life, body image and all the subjects in between! Considering that I've moved nine times in my life, I've also experienced my share of neighbors. Some good, some so-so and definitely plenty that still stick out in my mind....more

Taryn Brumfitt's New Documentary "Embrace" is Giving Society's Body Image an Overhaul

How many of you have ever done this or something similar?...looked down at your humanly imperfect body, squeezed, lifted, and pulled at the trouble spots, frowned, thinking, “This won’t do at all.” so you......more

What Losing Weight Does Not Mean

You step on the scale, nearly holding your breath as you watch the red arrow dance along the plastic face. It lands on a number - a few points lower than usual - and...maybe you celebrate if you're part of the 56 percent of Americans trying to lose weight....more

What do You Gain when You Gain (Weight)?

It's a simple question really, but not many people ask. We've all heard of the Special K motto, "What will you gain when you lose?" Today, I'm leaving "lose" in the dust and sharing what I gained when the scale tipped upwards....more

Giving Up the Quest for Body Perfection

After being diagnosed with celiac disease (an autoimmune condition in which ingesting gluten damages one's intestines), I paid more attention to certain aspects of life than ever before, like gluten in my food, or crumbs on the kitchen counter top; and, as I've realized over the past two years, my stomach. Particularly, its state and size....more

Hot Yoga = Hot Body Image?

Hot yoga and beauty aren't strangers. Models consider yoga their (not so) "secret weapon." Magazines proclaim the detoxing benefits of getting toasty and twisted. Fact is, whether it's yoga pants or yoga classes, hot yoga is as common an ideal as beauty to the average female....more

The Tie Between Thrift Shopping and a Healthy Body Image

I've always loved thrift shopping, but could never put my finger on why. Maybe it's just college-budget friendly. Maybe I enjoy the surprises. Or maybe I'm just cheap? ...more

I'm Sitting Shiva For My Anorexic Body

When you’re recovering from an anorexia relapse, there are both visual and spatial components involved in the weight restoration adjustment period.  Experiencing, and dealing with, a new, larger body feels difficult and distressing.Through each recovery interval, I've struggled with the discomfort of both elements. Of the two, I find visual stimulus more triggering.  Even as a starving skeleton, I would not, could not accept myself....more
elanasures  Thank you so much!  That means a lot to me.  I write stream of conscious style--then ...more