The Swimsuit Issue


deep enough

One of the perks available through our homeowners association is a pool. Even though it's outdoors, there were plenty of hot, sunny days last summer that were perfect for a dip in its cool waters.I've never been in that pool.When we moved here over a year ago, I stashed my black one-piece swimsuit in a drawer with my nylons. It's been languishing like that for years. The last time I wore it was to swim laps at the University of New Mexico aquatic center. Since I dropped out from grad school and moved from Albuquerque a decade ago, it's fair to say the suit is old....more

Grandma Jiggles

What do you say when your 7 year old granddaughter explodes with laughter "Grandma You Jiggle"Click here to read more...more

The Pushback Against "You can't go forward trying to get your body back."

I mulled over the Motherfigure blog for a few years. I hesitated because my kids are young and my free time is never really “free” (It still isn’t. I’m just ignoring more laundry these days). When my youngest was 3 months old, I also moved to a tiny island in the middle of nowhere, which was a major time suck. ...more

The Only Beauty Secret You Need

Years ago, I got a glimpse of the prettiest woman. She was playing with her daughter, a toddler, and they were both laughing out loud with pure delight. Now, I have to admit ... if I had known who this woman was, I wouldn't have thought she was pretty. And, if she had realized I was looking, I’m sure her expression would have changed – we women can be awfully self-conscious. But, just for a moment, I didn't realize who she was and she didn't see me. So, in that moment, I saw her honest face....more

Make a Change Because You Love Your Body, Not Because You Hate It

Maybe you are reading this right now because you want to make a healthy lifestyle change.  Maybe you want to eat right.  Maybe you want to exercise more.    I think it’s wonderful anytime someone chooses to make a healthy lifestyle change…but I don’t think it should be because you hate your body....more

Feminism Fridays: Body image in media has to change

Body image in the media has been a problem for way too long. Let's just get that fact out of the way right now. Victoria's Secret decided to not help this problem at all in any way when they released their new "perfect 'body'" ad campaign. Good job on that one....more

Big Butts Are Now Back In Style?

First it was Nicki Minaj's video Anaconda and then Jennifer Lopez brought out Booty to reclaim the throne. When did big bootys go out of style? The rebirth of the big booty has been a slow progression of butt pads, augmentation, butt shots, and minimal clothing to show off that asset. For those of us, like myself who have been walking around with our naturally large derrieres are trying to figure out, what's the fuss?...more

Dear Beautiful Girl, I Admire You

Dear little girl twirling in an Elsa-from-Frozen dress,...more

Dear Barbie, Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Dear Barbie,Break ups are never easy, and this one is really tough. Seeing your blue eyes for the last time as I snapped the Rubber Maid lid on your resting place made me feel pretty bummed. I’m really going to miss you....more