Another Slimmer Story

Tank Slimmer: Wrinkles Due to Tight Fit and Acrobatic Removal...more

3 Ways To Fight Your Own Critical Voice About Your Body by Dr. Margaret Rutherford

My mother told me I would regret it.Shaving my legs.  I went all the way up to mid-thigh.  She was mortified.At the time, I took her comment quite superficially.  "You are just trying to keep me from growing up," I bristled.My 13 year-old wisdom was quite vast.In 2014, I remember her comment with some irony.  I had started the journey of becoming what our culture mandated a woman should look like. Maybe that's the trip my mom regretted me beginning....more

6 Tips to Manage Your Midlife Crisis -In Style!

Just because you are going through a midlife crisis doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style!...more

50 and FABULOUS.........29 Forever....Age is Attitude....

50 and FABULOUS....Yep, That is me....Well, sort of.....I am also 29 Forever....Age is an Attitude....What attitude age are you?When I turned 50 (a couple of years back) I simply could not believe those 50 candles on my birthday cake. Something was wrong....There should have only been 29....Somewhere along the line I had quit counting numbers for each birthday and got stuck at 29 Forever.....Now, my friends and family were celebrating the number 50 with me...How could this be......more

Get your mind and body summer ready

It struck me this  week, that it is spring, although the weather in Edmonton, AB,Canada doesn't seem spring- like....more

Pretty times PLUS - day 1

So I've ventured into middle age ( how did that happen?) and I weigh 50 lbs more than my highest weight ever (HOW did THAT happen?) and I've been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for the last several years. I realize one of my problems is poor body image. From a very young age I was taught to believe I was fat and that it was bad and, as hard as I've tried over the years, I can't seem to shake that belief!...more

My Body #1

I have given this post a number because I anticipate there will be future posts about my body, so this number system will serve as a sub-chronicle....more

The Number on the Scale

Ever since I was a sophmore in H.S. I've had an obsession with being thin. It's a real problem for me and has been the cause of many of my late night cries.I always used to tell myself I would never be that girl - the one that looked in the mirror for hours and points out her flaws, but I have been for the past eight years. No ms atter what weight I'm at or how many compliments I receive I just don't see anything but FAT!...more