Thinspiration : NOT A Positive Motivator

Warning:  If you Google this term or "thinspo" for short, you will find some very unfavorable material.  Unfavorable, but very popular material.  I am writing this article based on a book mark of mine from the other day titled "You Are So Beautiful"  because this message is something that needs to be said, and we need to help those who are stuck in this terrible mindset. In just the past few years, it seemed as if there was a new celebrity on the cover of a magazine denying that they are anorexic, or that they did indeed have an eating disorder.  It turned i...more

Real Women Say Their Age

"Mama, at school when we sing Happy Birthday to the teachers, we don't say their age," inquired my 9 year old daughter. "Oh really? What do you mean?" knowing full well exactly what she was getting to. "We skip the 'how old are you part of the song. Why?" she said. ...more

How to Counter Harmful Tween & Teen Magazines Part 2

How to Counter Harmful Tween & Teen Magazines - Part Two My daughters are 27 now (twins) and never acquired the habit of relying on fashion magazines for advice about life. That's not to say that they never read them! ...more

I like your suggestions because they encourage critical thinking in your daughters and prevent ...more

Influence of the media on young women

At Alive Arts Media, home of Alive Magazine, we have done extensive research on media and its influence on young women to help us generate more effective alternatives. In the process, we came across some really disturbing statistics we thought you should know about: ...more

Eyeballs of the Gods

"Saturate yourself with your subject and the camera will all but take you by the hand." --Margaret Bourke-White ...more

Too true, D. Macro shots always remind me of scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. You'd ...more

FAKING IT: New Research on Body Image and Media

We have blamed women's body image issues on media, and called on all women to get online, speak out and resist the digitally enhanced, cookie-cutter fantasy images that so many of us feel we have to aspire to in order to be socially accepted. Women's Forum Australia has taken this issue head on. It has completed a major research project that looks at studies from around the world that answers such questions as: ...more