My Life 5 years After My Weight Loss Surgery

In 2009 I had RNY weight loss surgery.  I had gotten to the point where, if I didn't, I would have started cutting body parts off.  My own belief is that I had taken my metabolism down to zero through constant refusal to eat and eating less and less....more

There are 45,000 Signatures on my Petition on Change.Org to get a Brand to stop using Images of Malnourished Models

I was sitting in my office (the bathroom) flipping through the latest Vanity Fair  feeling annoyed that Julia Roberts is on the cover with legs as long as the Great Wall of China sitting on the steel-hewn lap of that aphrodisiacal Idris Elba (she's my new Gwyneth Paltrow object of jealousy) when I flipped to this ad campaign for Saint Laurent Paris....more

Body image issues and the "Serenity Prayer"

If you're perfectly happy with your body, thank you very much, and if you've never struggled with the issue of body image or self acceptance - well, you probably won't be particularly interested in reading any further. But if you've ever obsessed about your weight, or felt dissatisfied with your looks, or wished you could change something about your body - and I suspect, sadly, that many of you can relate to this - then you just might appreciate these musings. ...more
inevertoldher Thank you so much! I appreciate it. :)more

Beautiful - what is it?

Beautiful.  What is it and what exactly does it mean?  I mean we all have our own concepts as to what it is and in the uniquely human experience it takes on new and interesting shapes as you see it through the eyes of different people.  It is a mysterious thing really.   It even remains mysterious when we think of it in terms of our own concept of it in relation to ourselves. ...more

Blog Inspiration

I’ve never blogged before and to be honest, I never really understood it or cared for it until today. Why is today different? Today happens to be a very boring day for me at work, our company has a big training event that everyone was invited to attend except for me (they needed someone to answer phones). With the phones only ringing once every hour and little work to do, I decided to read some fitness blogs written by women of all ages....more
What a great first post! I can't wait to see more posts! and I'm sure your story will inspire many!more

Cross Post: I Sing the Body Perfection

Imagine my frustration when I realized I had uncovered yet another layer of psychological mess to work through.Body image. For goodness sake, I’m not a teenager. The days of awkwardness and low self esteem should be over. I am at the age of acceptance…Other people tell me I’m beautiful inside and out…why don’t I believe them?...more
 @@BehavioralChild haha! Love it!more

Cross Post: I'm Cute and I Know It - Body Perfection

Over the past 9 months, I have worked really hard to lose weight and have lost about 20 pounds. This was my personal goal. I began taking better physical care of myself after receiving some disturbing, not life threatening news about my health. Ironically, the news I received had nothing to do with my weight, but I took the news as a wake up call to start taking better care of my physical-self....more
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Who does Fat and Ugly really hurt?

I recently went on a rant about my hate of the phrase fat and ugly in my bog post I Am Fat and Beautiful....more
Then I will go and take a look today. Thank you! @curvywriter ~Virginiamore

Fat Girl Syndrome

I have always been a fat girl.  Even when I weighed 105lbs, I still mentally categorized myself as a fat girl.  For me, being a fat girl is all mental and not dependent on my physical condition.  I’m constantly a fat girl (no matter my weight) because I believe that my worth as a human being is directly correlated with my weight....more
This made me cry...  I used to be so thin.. guys were always falling all over me- and then I ...more