Is this a fun house mirror?

A guest writer recently posted on Scary Mommy about an experience he had with his 7 year old daughter, when she looked in the mirror and didn't like what she saw.  That post bothered me, because I remember being that little girl....more

Time to upgrade my armor...

The morning started out in usual hectic fashion. Ben and I were heading to Chicago with friends for our first overnight trip without the kids since before Fiona was born, and I had, in true procrastinator fashion, left all the packing to the morning. After furiously stuffing all of the kid's supplies into suitcases and bags, I started my packing....more

All I Want for Christmas is Me

Oh hi there. Yes, you, over there - with the Lululemon pants and the Starbucks.   You look like a fit, healthy, well-rested modern day woman who gets to the yoga studio and has amazing girls' nights out with your equally awesome friends. Um, this may be a little awkward, but have you seen my butt?...more

Abs Start in the Kitchen

I gave up being very strict on my Atkins diet (20 grams is just not enough), but it is still my ...more

It Depends On The Day

   On a Bad Day  When I look in the mirrorI seeugly I see hair that should not be so greythat easily adds ten yearsto my age I see a face that revealsyears of endurance and paindark circles from insomniaand being up with childrennight after night after night I see a bodythat by any Western standard...more

Post-Partum Body Image

A Letter to My 17-Year Old Self

  My current project is organizing the seemingly insurmountable box of old photographs that were recently imported from my mother’s basement. They are a disorganized bunch spanning decades, from those that were taken in grammar school on my Kodak Disc to the sloppy bar shots from my early 20s....more

We as women (especially young women) are so very hard on ourselves, constantly comparing ...more

Does My Butt Look Big?

To read more form BUTTERFLY go to ...more

Living in a World of Perky Breasts

I tell myself I love my breasts.  I tell myself they look amazing for having nursed three children.  I tell myself, "For 38 years old, they look great. You're lucky they aren't totally facing south."  But I still don't quite believe it. ...more

I agree with what these ladys say. If a guy will fidn afult in your breast and run away then ...more