Early Puberty

Laurie and Debbie say: ...more


What I've read suggests that endocrine-disrupting chemicals and hormones are a ...more

Bridesmaids and Olympic Athletes: Living in a Skin-Deep World

Debbie and I blogged this on Body Impolitic and thought after some of the conversations at BogHer 2008 that people might find it interesting: The New York Times is discussing a new trend in bridesmaid gifts: for bridesmaids as young-looking and beautiful as your dreams, you, the lovely blushing bride, can easily provide everything from tit jobs to Botox: ...more

Blogging about Body Image and Our Kids

I posted this on "Body Impolitic" and wanted to share it with the BloghHer Community. I'd love to hear people's thoughts about the panel. I’m going to be moderating a panel at this summer’s BlogHer conference how we blog/feel about our kids and their and our body image. There is a tentative panel description at the end of this blog. This description is where my thinking is right now, but there’s time for lots of thought. ...more

Dear Vered,

Sorry for being so late in answering this. I really understand your ...more