Things Weight Loss Surgery Didn't Fix for Me

August 19th was my one year bariatric surgery anniversary and I recorded a video talking about things surgery didn't fix, things I'm still struggling with and the difficulties of menu planning with a family who hates "skinny food."   ...more

The Monster in the Mirror

For a year or so of my life, whenever I looked in the mirror I did not see myself looking back. There was a monster hidden in my mirror in the place of my reflection, a pale-faced, hollow-eyed, greasy-haired nightmare with out-of-proportion limbs and ugly spotted skin.I would stare in disbelief and hunt for myself in there, looking for the girl I used to know; bright eyed and ambitious, waiting for me each morning with a smile. But the monster had taken her place....more

WTH is Wrong With Walmart and Victoria's Secret?

I'm on a podcast tonight called The Bean Cast (I'll write more about that later) and in prepping for it, I was reminded of two insane occurrences that happened in the ad and retail world this past week that are different but exactly the same in some ways. I'm speaking of Walmart and Victoria's Secret and their perception of body images, of course. Walmart thought categorizing their costumes for the plus-sized women as "fat chick" would be helpful. Or funny? Or go unnoticed? (hello.....more
I never took the VS campaign to mean any other body besides those pictured is imperfect. I agree ...more

Body after Baby (and the problem area)

Ladies, let’s face it.Some of us are never going to get our bodies back. After pregnancy. I still have that little cushion of fat where my lower abdominals are supposed to be. I’ve done the ”six week, six pack” a total of six times and it just doesn’t go away. Above it, in my upper abdominals, I can actually see the muscles – if I turn to the side and squint my eyes a little....more

Raising a Daughter to Love Herself {Happy 10th Birthday to Mackenzie}

So today is an emotional day for me!! I’ve managed to keep another human being alive and well adjusted for 10 years running! ;-) Happy 10th birthday to my amazing daughter, Mackenzie! ...more

Dove Wants You To Find Your Beauty; Honestly, I Want To See You Be Brave

I’m sure unless you’ve been avoiding the Internet or living under a rock, you’ve seen this video:It’s nice, right? I think it’s a nice idea. Women traditionally always see themselves as less-than, partly because society has made us less-than. It’s a nice way to remember our worth. It’s got nice music, it’s tear-jerking, and it tells us a truth about ourselves – that we’re inherently afraid to see our own beauty, and even more, often we can’t see it....more

An Open Letter to Glee’s Creator on Behalf of Fat Girls Everywhere

I’m a big fan of the show Glee. It’s actually one of my favourite shows. It started out as a show that was about the underdogs, the ones that society steps on. It’s followed the stories of characters that I fell in love with over the past four years, and though I haven’t been very fond of the way that the show’s direction is going, I still love to hear the covers of the songs and watch the characters. Call it nostalgia, I guess. I think it’s done a lot of good for teens in our society, and I have to credit Ryan Murphy, its creator, with that....more

Postcards from the Edge

** I reread this post from a week after Lucy was born tonight. I was making me peace with the post-partum crazies. Months later, I am still a work in progress. PostPartum Missives, maybe is a better title.  Only because Postcards From the Edge has already been taken. I forgot a hundred things about being a new mom in the last six years. But I remembered one.  New moms put hormonal teenagers to shame.  I am out of my fucking mind.  Carrie Fisher style.  Crazy.  But lucid enough to know it. Carrie Fisher crazy without the booze. ...more

So You Think I'm Fat Moms sharing useful tips and bitter resentments.mykisisallergictoeverything777...more

Full Frontal: Kim Kardashian Bares her Bod--and Her Soul

Turns out that Kim Kardashian has the same body issues as the rest of us. While growing up, says Kim, "I was wearing a C cup by the time I was eleven. I would go to bed and pray, 'Please, Lord, don't let my boobs grow any bigger.' I hated what was happening."...more

Agreed! I'll never understand why all the plastic surgery/enhancement is sold to them so young, ...more