Perlier Lemon Sorbet Crackling Body Water, or a New Type of Body "Lotion"

Review of Perlier Lemon Sorbet Crackling Body Water, a new spray gel efferverscent body "lotion". Great for after the beach but Is it worth the money?...more

Cooling Aloe-Mint Body Lotion

DIY Hand, Body and Face Moisturizing Lotion

Other than being a fun project, the biggest reason I love making homemade lotion is that it is inexpensive and it doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients or strong scents (which I don’t like on my skin or in my body whenever I can avoid it). ...more

Bath & Body Works Gets Dressed Up in Pink Chiffon

I just got my hands on BBW's latest scent!  Check out my full, scent-acular review at:Scents n Scentsibility ...more

Product Review of Dermalogica's UltraRich Body Cream

 Product Review The first time I used this body cream I was in the loo.  Not just any loo, but the loo at Dermalogica's international corporate headquarters in Carson, California.  Instead of the standard hand soap, Jane Wurwand (Founder of Dermalogica) was thoughtful enough to provide both the Conditioning Body Wash and the UltraRich Body Cream for use in their restrooms.  The Conditioning Body Wash is lovely, but the Body Cream is fabulous....more

A Guide to Green Body Lotions

What's the greenest lotion of them all -- that feels good and moisturizes nicely? I've tried quite a few -- and I hope my reviews of will help you choose more easily and wisely without spending hours scanning ingredient labels and dollars trying out duds. Here are the best eco-friendly lotions I've found and use now: ...more
I've been using Andalou Naturals. They have a complete line of bath, body and hair care products ...more