Fifty Clams Per Clam

A couple of days ago I read about an new posh trend:steaming your cooter...more


Tattoos...permanent pieces of beautiful artwork emblazoned on a person's body for life, but more importantly...the first true window into a person's soul. A tattoo can and should have worlds of meaning to the wearer. A tattoo is a gift to all, not only from the artist whose skillful needle graced the collector's soft canvas, but from the collector themselves. In truly artistic fashion the collector has given the world a piece of themselves, to be viewed and admired and explained...only if and when they choose to do so....more

Gimme A Little Skin...

Body art, body modifications, piercing, tattoos, scarification, cutting... What images come to mind when you read or hear those words? Most people I find tend to fall into two camps; those that view the aforementioned words as a means to show their souls on their skins, and those that either don't understand that desire or find it uninteresting or abhorrent. Myself? I most definitely fall into the former camp. I have been decorating my body since I was young and wanting to express myself in a way that I was at a loss to do with words....more