Nothing Makes You Feel Better than a BODY PUMP Workout

OK, the title “NOTHING Makes You Feel Better than a BODY PUMP™ Workout” may’ve been a tiny bit misleading – because I can actually think of one thing that feels better… But the feeling you have after you’ve lifted weights for an hour in a BODY PUMP™ c...more

Just Pump It

Today felt as if it was the first day I went back to the gym post The Comedian. I joined the gym back in January and went regularly until I decided to become a Shredhead and train for a 5k. I ignored the class schedule taped up on the fridge and never gave it a second thought. After the 5k however, I felt I needed more. Since The Comedian has officially weaned herself with a snub nose and stiff arm to my chest I figured now was the best time. I can lose my weight and get toned up again. Simple. ...more