Lies, Thighs and What I've Realized

Last week, on my kids' last day of Christmas break, I walked in the house sweaty, exhausted and red faced and tossed my boxing gloves on the kitchen counter. "Mommy...." comes the voice of my daughter from the couch, "someday I want to be a bad butt like you" (she knew she wasn't allowed to say badass. I know right? So cute). That was like a punch in the stomach to me, in both a good AND a bad way. She wants to be like me. SHE WANTS TO BE LIKE ME!  ...more

I Got Called Fat on Facebook

I got called fat more than once, by the same person on Facebook. I ignored it, let this woman have the benefit of the doubt, forgot about it. Were my feelings hurt? No. I’ve been called much worse. Is this going to affect my confidence in myself? No. I have dealt with so much more....more

Please Don't Call Your Children "Fat"

My daughter’s little friend excitedly stormed through my front door; she had come over to play with my girl and her new Barbie Dream House. She was practically vibrating as she greeted us. She was happy to be here; we were happy to have her....more

Body Lies My Mother Told Me

My mother was an exception. In a nation of short statured East Indian women, she was a giraffe. She towered over women and some men too. Every photograph of her growing up, showed a lanky, stooped-over sullen looking girl.Image via Shutterstock...more
The_Happy_Hipppy Thanks for taking the time to write. Isn't it interesting how things that ...more

How I Survived Whole30 Week One

 I've completed my first week and i'm feeling pretty good. I'm really proud of myself for completing the first week and I've seen some results. I weighed myself (even though you're not supposed to) and I've lost 4 pounds this week! That is major for me! I don't lose weight quickly as a general rule so, four pounds in one week is crazy!...more

Finding Your Happy Place in Health

While I do consider myself still in the Paleo category of living, I very much despise diets and labels and any over-moralization of the way we eat. Why?...more

Buy Your Own Dress

Last week, Bryce Dallas Howard, famed actress and star of The Help and Jurassic World,  attended the Golden Globes in a dress she bought herself....more

How to Reassure Your Partner That They’re Hot When They Hate Their Body

Frequently, I get messages from people — usually cis men who are dating cis women, but not always — asking me what the hell they’re supposed to do when their partner talks negatively about their own body.“She’s unhappily gained weight since we’ve been together, and I know saying ‘I still think you’re beautiful’ confirms the idea that fat is bad,” they say.“My boyfriend is shy about not being bigger muscularly, but how can I reassure him that that’s exactly my type without confirming his insecurities?” they say....more
I love this, especially number 5. I'm also in recovery for an eating disorder and that has made ...more

As I Got Naked, I Could See that He Was Not Impressed

Undressing in front of someone for the first time is a vulnerable moment, indeed it can be rather scary. Especially with stretch marks and not quite so perky boobs after a couple of pregnancies, and add to that bit of extra weight gathered over the last decade.I know my husband is attracted to me, he calls my stretch marks “tiger stripes” which sounds cool and positive, although to be honest I would much rather do without them. As comfortable as I have become with my post-pregnancy body, deep down I miss my old body.  ...more
Fierce1 lily77  Safer sex is indeed a very important topic when you have several sexual ...more

I'm Not Perfect And I Love It.

It’s official. I’m over it. I’m done with trying to be “perfect”. (Not that I was ever near making it to perfect, anyway).But I am done with apologizing for my imperfections, my humanness. Done with trying to hide the couple pounds I might have gained, done with trying to keep the house as neat as a pin, done with feeling that I’m not good enough....more