The Backwardness of the Breast Feeding Debate

I have been confused for some time, but I am getting more confused each day.I simply cannot grasp the outrage over breast feeding in public.First, I cannot understand what is offensive about it. It is the most fundamental part of motherhood....more

An Ode to My Milk Boobs

When I was young, I used to wish for big boobs -- terrific, tantalizing ta-tas like all the girls in movies seemed to have. I often asked myself: Wouldn't I be the most popular girl at my middle school prom if I had giant melons instead of these prepubescent raisins? ...more

My Breastfeeding Days Didn't Look Like Yours, Alyssa Milano!

I cannot open up Yahoo News or Facebook without seeing a story about the latest person to whip their boobies out and breastfeed their hungry babe in public.  People have been breastfeeding their babies since the beginning of time, but now we have to make it a huge social statement.It may have all started back in 2008 when Angelina Jolie was on the cover of W Magazine. She was pictured relaxed and happy, breastfeeding in her luxurious home while Brad snapped pictures of her....more

I Got 99 Problems But Perky Boobs Ain't One

 Dad, stop reading here. For both of our dignities, please.Also ex-boyfriends. I want to always be remembered as the one with the glorious rack who got away....more