Why Calcium is So Important in a Baby's First Year

Did you know that a human baby's bone mass increases by a whopping 300% in the first year of life?  Really! Babies are absorbing and using calcium at a great rate. They are building bone mass at an incredible rate, as they build upon the cartilage and early bone that is present at birth.  And, what is even more amazing is that there is never another time in a person's life where there is so much bone being built....more

New Guidelines for Osteoporosis Screening & Foods You Can Eat Now for Strong Bones in the Future

There are new guidelines for osteoporosis screening that will now include many women under the age of 60. Will these new guidelines affect you? The answer is maybe. Basically, it will be recommended that women who could be at a greater risk for fractures (such as a family history of fractures, history of smoking, history of alcohol abuse, or having a slender frame), now be given osteoporosis screenings (bone density tests) at a much younger age then previously suggested. ...more

We recently posted a blog discussing the trials of transient osteoporosis during pregnancy, if ...more

Mini Guide To A Balanced Diet

What makes a balanced diet? With all the conflicting info on food pyramids and carb counting, it's tough to remember the basics. Here's a breakdown of the nutrients you need for a healthy body—and the foods that provide them. Protein—Protein is necessary for building strong muscles and protecting the immune system. It also helps slow the speed of digestion and makes you feel full faster....more

Building Good Bones in the Garden

I’ve often heard of the need for a garden to have “good bones”--a strong basic structure on which everything else is built. But with each passing year I’m becoming more aware that we gardeners need to have good bones too. Lucky for us, strong, healthy bones can be a by-product of gardening itself. ...more


Thank you for this post. This is an important topic to cover: how working in the ...more